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While researching for an On Demand post for baby/kid rooms….Yes M, and M, I am working on it! [One of the M is a reader who wrote me a sweet request email, and the other M is a friend who has been hounding me for this post!], I came across Rikshaw Design, and thought – what the heck, the big impressive post can come later, but let me at least share this goody with you! 🙂 Conceptualized and run by Catherine Fitzsimmons, Rikshaw Designs is focused on block printed crib bedding for the bohemian baby. I can almost hear Woodstock music in the background as lullaby.. 😉

Love these very traditional block prints from Rajasthan!
Psst for readers in India: Anokhi in India has some beautiful baby blankets in block prints. They are one of my favorite gift items for new babies 🙂


  1. Maribeth

    If this is just a preview, can’t wait to see the final result of all your research! We’re in mid planning for our nursery decor right now. Thanks so much!

    – Maribeth (from your email request)

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  4. lol,so nice

  5. Absolutely adorable :-)!

  6. Happy new year to you

  7. Dear Bhavana,
    So happy to see these wonderful textiles. Even though they are for babies I adore them! Indian textiles make my heart beat fast!

    Happy New Year friend.
    So glad we have met!

  8. beautiful… all of them. i especially like the quilts.

  9. So exquisite. I love the little elephants.

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