Ria’s home…

…And a giveaway!

Ria Kaushal wrote to me a couple of weeks back and shared a few tantalizing images from her home, along with the inspiring story of the origin of her organic, handmade, ayurvedic skin care line called Skin Apotheke.

Giveaway alert! Continue reading to win fabulous products from the line!

Mmm…I wonder how she knew about the two loves of my life – beautiful homes and fabulous skin!

I am so excited to share Ria’s lovely home in Miami with you. Ria has a natural flair for styling and it is inspiring to see how she transforms a room just by rearranging a few decor pieces and adding fresh flowers and tea lights.

Ria enjoys hunting for eclectic pieces on sites like EBay, One Kings Lane, Fab.com, Amazon and stores like Kilol, Anokhi, FabIndia and Good Earth back home in India. 

I love how Ria uses textiles to change the look of the bedroom. She made the headboard herself using a large canvas and fabric from Anokhi.

And the view that draws her back home, each day 🙂

This lovely warm home is where Ria works hard to create her organic skin care range of products for us. A quick introduction to Skin Apotheke:
Skin Apotheke is fresh handmade organic skin care based on ayurvedic principals from India. Ayurveda is the oldest healing science dating back to 1500 BC and ayurvedic beauty is holistic, deriving its knowledge from the laws of nature. Skin Apotheke products are 100% natural, organically sourced, chemical free, paraben and synthetic free products that deliver. Skin Apotheke uses only premium USDA certified organic oils, butters, flowers, herbs and other botanicals for all the skincare and incorporates some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients available in the market.

The Giveaway!

Ria has very graciously offered to giveaway, not one, but two of her products to ‘An Indian Summer’ readers. And we will pick two readers (by random number selection), who will receive these amazing skin care products in a package:

Thank you, Ria!

How to enter the giveaway?
Just comment on this post, and
Apart from letting us know how you like Ria’s home 🙂
Tell us your favorite skin or hair care tip!

You have a week to comment
Make sure you leave your email ID so that we can reach you
Ria and I will announce the names of the two lucky readers
On Aug 24th!

[Open to all. Ships anywhere in the world]

All Images: Ria Kaushal
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  1. It's so beautiful!

  2. Emailed comment from a subscriber:

    Lovely flower arrangements. Subtle Indian aesthetic. Don't over do the makeup or you will look like a clown. Talia mapwad@gmail.com

  3. Emailed comment from a subscriber:

    Hello there,

    I'm a loyal reader of Indian Summer. You keep inspiring me and the way I create what surrounds me. Thank you:-)

    As for Ria's home- I love the way she organizes her books- on the floor, under the tables..plus amazing colors and prints of the fabrics everywhere…

    Agata from Poland

  4. Anonymous

    I love your blog and have been following it religously from Singapore.

    My tips come from my mother who still looks like she hasn't aged over the years.

    Hair – coconut oil always soothes distressed and dry hair leaving you silky soft and smooth tresses.

    Face – mix saffron, sandalwood and milk with any face pack you have for glowing skin.

    Most importantly a good night's sleep!

    Keep up with the awesome posts!

    Much love,

    Vijaya – vijaya_krishnan36@yahoo.com.sg

  5. GB

    Gorgeous home! It strikes the perfect balance between the Indian aesthetic and global style(I think I have a new girl-crush now!)

    My skincare tip–steer clear of makeup. Even the best products add age to your skin. Au naturel (I'm only talking skincare here!)is the way to go!

  6. Anonymous

    What a beautifully conceived home, replenished by the senses. There is a sense of a sanctuary here. A divine place of dwelling and repose. What every home should be.

    No real beauty tips to offer. That is why I am eagerly waiting for Ria's parcel to come through my door!

    Sharm — gabrielsp_2000@yahoo.com

  7. What a super home… wow! Love the colours, textiles… and the atmosphere…

    The best tip I can give is… well… nothing! No stress, no fuss makes for awesome hair and skin! 🙂

  8. Ria's home in a gist, is the reason why they say there is no place like home. 🙂

    The skincare tip I swear by is, 'Olive Oil'.
    It is just about as close to as we have gotten to the youth potion yet. Also, it can be used as a make-up remover and myth buster, it does not clog pores!!
    AND, it is an excellent cooking oil, lower in saturated fats unlike some others. So, it helps lower cholesterol levels, thus lesser breakouts, therefore healthier skin! 🙂

    Pooja – pooja90chauhan@gmail.com

  9. Anonymous

    Ria's home exudes warmth, character and sophistication.A delightful melange of so many wonderful elements yet not cluttered in the least.A truely beautiful home is one that takes your breath away and makes you long to be there..and I'm officially jealous of the breathtaking space she's created-a definite inspiration.
    I have 2 skin care tips I swear by- the efforless one is to cut rub strawberries on your face and leave the juice for 5 minutes for an instant glow.
    The second needs a bit more effort but it's well worth it – soak 'masoor dal'(red lentils)in milk overnight, grind up the paste in the morning and apply to the face fpr smooth, glowing skin.
    Aparna (aparna1201@yahoo.com)

  10. N S

    Beautiful home. Thanks for featuring Ria's home and work. Just ordered 3 of her products. Eagerly waiting for the shipping. My favorite skin care tip is applying honey on face for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

  11. Gorgeous home ! I love the bedroom and shall pinterest it.If i had a home like that, i wouldnt complain when holidays end at all.

  12. I love those textiles in the bedroom! So lovely!
    Such a good idea, it changes the look of the room completely.

    As for skincare, moisturizing from the inside out is what I think is the most important. Drink plenty of water!

  13. bal

    Hey loving the interior! MAybe because so many elements are similar to my home in the UK (books, textiles and leather pouffes to name but a few!).

    My beauty tip – always use a hot muslin cloth to get the cleanest skin ever then a few splashes of water closes up all the pores.

    (email bals1d@yahoo.com)

  14. The colours are so beautiful! I love the books under your tables.

  15. (My favorite skincare tip is using clay masks to rejuvenate your skin! So refreshing! 🙂

  16. I LOVE Ria's use of books underneath her tables etc. Beautiful home!

  17. Ethnic done beautifully.
    My beauty tip, drinks lots of water and moisturize your skin and be happy and kind.


  18. What AMAZING pictures! They R all so BEAUTIFUL!! The colors grab you immediately and immediately I was transported to your abode. I LUV LUV the picture at night that shows the water! I can only image the fragrances and aromas of your products within your home. Ah to fall asleep with the aromas and awaken with the aromas, what a blessing!

  19. Very soothing home design. I would LOVE to live there. Favourite sin care tip: remember to let your skin breathe (as in "don't clog it with beauty products 24 h a day)!
    anca.orjen [at] gmail [dot] com

  20. Excellent use of colors and fabric. My skin and hair tip is oil pulling in empty stomach. Take a spoon of sesame/sun flower oil and gargle in empty stomach for 10-15 minutes. It gives a natural glow to your skin and stops hair fall/graying by cleansing the toxins from your body. I have been following it for the past couple of weeks and am seeing pimples disappear.

  21. Luv her space ,hair care tip i oil my hair once a week with coconut oil 🙂 it feel goods when I wash my hair after that )

  22. Wow! I love how she designed her house, looks cozy and lively at the same time. 🙂 I love how she used lots of colors and textures without overcrowding the space. 🙂

    And I'm glad I found this giveaway! 😀
    My favorite beauty tip is to always drink lots of water… nothing beats hydration from within. My skin really looks more plumped when I take at least 2 liters of water.

    my email ad is: vivi [@] ecobeautysecrets .com

  23. sangita pillai

    HI Ria, your home is beautiful, I always find that when you are living away from India, you tend to decorate your home with things that remind you of India and these always give a refreshing feel to the house – the brass artefacts, the colourful textiles, the way the flowers are arranged, the colours – especially, oranges and reds, all make it a home away from 'home'. love it!!

    My skincare tip: living in a tropical place like Singapore, we have fruits like papayas, bananas and avocados all year round. I use whatever fruit I have on hand, mash it and use it as a face mask. Mashed avocado on your hair gives a smooth and shining mane. Try it!!

  24. Love Love the photos and the wonderful eclectic decor! I use Befine skin care and sunscreen!
    I will recommend this site to my friend her blog is "Travel Designery" and I think she would absolutely love it! Cant wait to hear who won the logo contest tommorrow!

    xoxo, V

  25. I could melt in her interiors…SO beautiful…LOVE the warmth of each corner,richly filled with textures and fragrance.

    I exfoliate every evening(when I remember) and put suntan lotion(Avene factor 60) on my skin in the morning before leaving the house.

    GREAT giveaway and my first time visiting your blog…love it!

  26. Such a lovely home! Inspiring with lovely oriental details – just love it! Have a fab day.

  27. I have been reading your blog for a while now.. I love the house. The simple use of such traditional settings sure would make her feel right at home.. She has a bit of her culture with this home for sure in Miami…

    My favorite skin tip is making a scrub of honey and salt and just clean your face with it!

  28. my kitchen shelf recipe for a gud skin is to use rice flour to gently exfoliate the skin.
    its great alternative to the scrubs available in the market and all natural without any side effects!!

  29. OMG…!!ria ur home and the view is Drop Dead Gorgeous!!:)
    books so beautifully add to the charm of ur decor!!amazing!

  30. stella chhabra

    beautiful home so truely indian…my skin care tip use a lot of rose water to hydrate your skin and glycerine to moisturize !!!!!

  31. Oh one more thing I forgot to mention – absolutely love the use of books in her decor. Amazing!

  32. Oh good god! What a mind bogglingly beautiful home! Just amazing, I can keep looking at it! My skin care tip – eat lots of fruits, veggies esp green leafy ones, and drink lots of water every day. Stay away from oils, fats, sweets and your skin will stay young and dewy fresh forever!!!

  33. What a gorgeous home. Everything is put together so nicely. I'd love to live in a curated, colorful home like this.

    Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) has always been my go-to remedy for dry skin, sunburn or just a general pick-me-up. Mix it with water, haldi, milk, sandalwood or whatever you like to create a unique and refreshing skin care package at home.

  34. What I love about this home is eye Ria has for the details. The antique pieces, the beautiful carpets, the books (so many of them) and the light in the rooms.. none of them jarring.. forming a cohesive living space.. Congrats on having such a beautiful home Ria.


  35. love all the textures and books turned all different directions has always been something I love to do. My skin/hair take a beating living in Arizona, I'm bad about sunscreen, but I do try to moisturize like crazy. Love Olive Oil

  36. i love how vibrant the colours are. anokhi is a favourite of mine too 🙂 i love using LUSH products and use their masks and soaps regularly. my most favourite skin tip which i follow religiously is not to over-wash my face. I scrub, use mask, etc in the night, clean my face thoroughly and in the morning, only wash well again with plain water and don't use any cleanser.

  37. anamica


    Ria's home is gorgeous..My skincare Tip is Cleanse,Tone and Moisturise it.And dont forgot to use sunscreen lotion 20 min before you step out.Drink Lot of water .


  38. so pretty! I love making a scrub out of brown sugar and olive oil to use in the shower.