Rent a Tent!

Tents always remind me of childhood – when we would play make-believe ‘house-house’ (literal translation from hindi: ‘Ghar-Ghar’)…I remember trying to convert corners, space under stairs and attics into cozy ‘houses’ with bed sheets or loose fabric tucked under a chair, hooked onto the door. Sometimes even position one of the younger kids to sit still with a pole in the center of the fabric so that our ‘tent house’ doesn’t fall! Ah…’twas so much simpler to build a house then! 😉
Covering (no pun intended!) tents in this post. Not too many people (with enough moolah) actually live in tents, but quite a few vacation resorts (on beach, wildlife reserves, mountains, desert) offer accommodation in tents. Some of these are faux tents – with walls made from bricks/mud but designed and stylised like a tent. Take a look at these yum images below:
From: (Ranthambore)
From: (Rajasthan)
And, now some uber luxury stuff …
From: (Ranthambore)


Some from outside India:


Sigh…am ready to pack my bags and live the nomadic life… well…luxurious nomadic life that is!
If this inspires you to get that tent up and running in your back yard, you can find some good options here and here too. A room (ideally a sunny room with a view) can also be styled as a tent with fabric on walls and a canopy. Use wall scones shaped as lanterns and some nice rustic furniture pieces, a planter or two, and you have a tent in a room ready!


  1. A. Ransom

    The indian tent images are great. I purchased a cottage tent last year from The Maharaja Tent Company ( which was quite beautiful. I have it up during the summer. I decorated the floor with dhurrie rugs over a waterproof tarp.

  2. ashi

    excellent! I am looking forward to see more exciting and eye catching interiors.

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