Rani, Amrita and Shawn..

…invite us to their homes!
You carry a bottle of wine
I’ll get the flowers 🙂
Rani’s Home
Rani C. [Charmy Gray’s nom de plume] , is an Indian born Australian national, in love with all things exotic, eclectic and Indian. She has lovingly done up her tiny eccentric apartment as a palace fit for a Rani (queen). Her palace-home is a cozy little space of warmth and beauty, filled with textiles, art, jewelry and colorful vintage objects, that she also retails from her fledgling online boutique – One Rose One Ruby. Rani’s exuberant personality is reflected in each little corner of her exotic home.    

Rani: I hope you let us, mere mortals, visit you in your gorgeous palace! I can’t wait to visit!  
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Amrita’s Home

Amrita Anand, after having moved three countries in her 2.5 year old marriage, has now created a beautiful and warm home out of a small apartment in Hong Kong. Amrita has always been keenly interested in beautiful interiors and hasn’t let the limited space in her current apartment stop her from creating an uncluttered, traditional, yet modern home. She graciously shared a few corners from her home, that she has styled with flowers, cushions, paintings, frog collectibles and all things colorful and bright. Amrita, with her thoughtful personal touches, has converted an impersonal apartment into a beautiful homely space, that she shares with her husband and their dog, Tutsi. 

Amrita: The next time I am in Hong Kong, I am dropping in for a cup of tea in those lovely tea mugs 🙂
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Shawn’s Room

Shawn Lazarus, a student in Dubai, sent me an email with a snippet of his room, and told me that he has been inspired by the aesthetics he has seen on An Indian Summer while styling his room. I’ll be honest – I never thought men, leave aside young boys will be among my regular readers, and well, Shawn’s email and his beautifully done up room has left me speechless! With the rest of Shawn’s home decorated to his mother’s taste of swedish minimalism, he has created his very own private Villa Kadiri-esque den!

Shawn – It’s the cat. How could I have resisted posting about your room when there is that furball in the pictures? 😉
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Rani, Amrita, Shawn – Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful glimpses from your home with us. We’ll look forward to more pictures from you in the coming years, as you change, redo, updo, undo things around 🙂 
If you would like to share your home or room pictures on An Indian Summer, please send me an email, with a link (picasa/flickr/facebook/dropbox) to the images. The images need to be clear, un-edited, taken with the flash off and high resolution. I would love to share the homes Mr. Blog and I like, right here!


  1. Your cat is adorable, thanks for the gorgeous pictures of your home!

  2. Oh, these are so so heavenly…I love seeing peeks into peoples inspired and exotic homes!
    ~Andrea of http://gypsyyaya.blogspot.com/

  3. Wow,,,,:)

  4. Oh I loved your post. The Indian aspect of decor ! Gr8

  5. Amrita Anand

    Thanks Bhavna for featuring my home on your blog! Definitely encouraging for me to explore further.
    Thanks to the readers too for their lovely comments & to Shawn and Rani for the inspirations 🙂
    My email id: amritaanand82@gmail.com

  6. Aarushi

    I am always overwhelmed when I read your posts:)
    So much inspiration in one lil space..Love it:)

  7. Thankyou Ms Bhavna, so delighted to be featured on your wonderful blog!
    The chai is bubbling & the rose petals ready to sprinkle on visitors from far & wide
    Congratulations also to Amrita & Shawn for thier gorgeous inspirations

  8. So lovingly put together, all of them. Enjoy posts on readers' homes…keeps things real! 🙂

  9. So pretty

  10. Vidya

    Soooo pretty! and the kitty too 🙂

  11. lovely lovely lovely post !!!

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