Rajasthan beckons again…

The husband and I made a quick trip to Rajasthan last week. As I fumbled with my new camera to capture the magic that is Rajasthan, I wondered why had I taken so long to visit this glorious desert state again.

 Discovered two new lovely places to stay: Badnor House and Royal Heritage Haveli
 I promised myself and all the sundry camels I saw (and named) on the road, that I’ll be back soon.
What about you? When will you visit Rajasthan?
Maybe, you and I can meet at this fort called the Ranvas (the abode of queens), one fine winter afternoon…
[Ranvas pics from here. All other pics fumbled by moi]


  1. kkp

    visiting rajasthan in a few weeks and i CAN'T WAIT. currently living in a pre-furnished flat in coimbatore and so wishing for the time and space (and cash, let's be honest) to decorate this space! … you know, and then, an unlimited budget with which to bring it all home to the states after our term here in CBE is up.

  2. Jaipur is my most favorite place in the whole world, i've just returned from living and working there for 5 months teaching the streekids, it's a magical city like nowhere else i've ever visited and as a textile designer….well it's just heaven! I love your blog especially the name x
    Vicki-Sue Brotherhood

  3. I can't believe I'm only now discovering your blog! I'm an American artist living in Jaipur! Bookmarking all your recommended spots for adventures in my beloved (adopted) home state. xo

  4. My fiance's family is from Madurai and Chennai in Tamil, but on my first trip to India with him in June we will also be making a trip to Rajasthan in search of textiles. If you have any links to places to see, shops, etc. please pass them on!

  5. Totally Gorgeous! Rajasthan is indeed a very very beautiful and charming!

  6. Great work, Lovely pics, nice interiors and architecture …. keep going

  7. Very nice pictures, and the edition too.

  8. Fabulous…you have made me very nostalgic. I spent many years in Rajasthan.

  9. WELCOME BACK! And lovely images B!

  10. Gosh!!What a Glorious Place!Such a great architecture…its a dreamy place!I love how the bedroom looks calming and soothing to my eyes.Peacefully haven Spaces!

  11. lovely pics – i envy u!

  12. Bhawna,ur pics only want me to visit Rajasthan at the earliest.I know its an awesome place.
    Indian havelies transport you to the old world.Charming is the word!

  13. Beautiful images, not hard with such captivating subject matter, I'm seeing all these far off places in blogs lately that make me want to ditch all restrictions of a normal life and be free to wander. I have travelled but not yet to India, one day I'm sure…

  14. Will be in Jaipur this March and plan to see Rajasthan again and again 🙂

  15. Wonderful photos. Wish I can go to India one of these days.

  16. Oh what beautiful architecture and rich lucious fabrics! Thank you for taking us with you on this amazing trip that we can enjoy on the canvas of our imaginations!

    Dawn… The Bohemian

  17. PA

    Absolutely breath-taking!!!! Have to be here sooooooon!

  18. my husband is from india, so we've been able to travel the country a bit, but rajasthan is still one place i'm dying to visit!!
    i love the architecture and indian handicrafts, so i'm sure i'll go crazy there! 🙂
    i absolutely love your blog and find it so inspiring! thanks for always providing amazing eye candy!



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