How do you (ahem) change clothes in this room?

Answer: Well, you don’t! You step outside the room and then change clothes!
Not that I am complaining..




(Breathtaking image by photographer EdwardPfeiffer)


  1. Thank you Annica! I am glad you liked An Indian Summer 🙂

    Ooo…a new design blog! Dashing off to it check it out!

  2. What a wonderfully inspiring blog you have! I just recently started blogging, so feel free to visit me on if you feel like it!
    Take care,

  3. I think this room would motivate one to stay in the best of shape! Maybe not a bad thing?

  4. I tried researching on the architect Kate, but couldn’t find out who has designed this beautiful room…

    Anyone – any clues?

  5. Welcome Regina! And that pic is soo cute – is that your pic?

  6. Yes, it will be a LOT of light coming in Marayam ;-)…sleeping in this room can have the added benefit of turning one into an early riser!

  7. What a beautiful view! The architecture alone is just amazing, I don’t believe I’ve seen a truss/support system like that.


  8. I am visiting from Maddie’s place and, oh my, you have a beautiful blog here. I am loving it!

  9. Sigh, to wake up to that view….. ahem, at dawn when the light comes in (not that I am complaining).

  10. Thanks Kanchan! And do drop by again! 🙂

  11. Lovely Blog!

    ~ Kanchan

  12. Hi Blue! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  13. Naughty Naughty Kim 😉 The view is worth Anything! 🙂

  14. Ha ha…I think that is a very good idea Purple! 🙂

    And welcome to An Indian Summer!

  15. I adore this room. Very organic, becoming part of nature, yet still protected from wild animals and rain by a sheet of (I hope) very sturdy glass.
    Came by via Maddie’s place…I will go off now to look around your blog! This first post I read has captured my interest though. I am in love with architecture and decorating. Nice to meet you!!!!

  16. I’d be doing everything in that bedroom with the lights off. 🙂 Gorgeous view though – worth it perhaps.

  17. Maybe you never want to get up and get dressed any more.

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