Painting Asia in Seattle

Neece wrote an lovely email to me early this week, and also shared the link to her beautiful studio gallery -Neece Clark Studio.

Neece, a Seattle based freelance painter and wall designer, works with acrylics, painting larger-than-life botanicals, figures and abstract designs. She spent most of her childhood in India and Southeast Asia. She attributes much of her inspiration to being surrounded, at a young age, by the abundance of colorful visual stimuli prevalent in those cultures….as is evidenced in these select paintings below:

You can view more of Neece’s beautiful work here and also shop online!


  1. Do you paint as well Kus? Yes, Neece’s paintings have captured both Indian and Japanese nuances beautifully..

    Good to hear from you again Lady Luxie! Thanks! 🙂

  2. so unique!

  3. kus

    love it.personally, im into art (painting). its very interesting that an artist from such a rich cultural backgound (india) also inpired by japanese culture.

  4. Hello Annie! Thanks for visiting…would love to *hear* from you often :)…the name of your blog is so intriguing..

  5. Oo..tell us Maddie when you visit her show! You liked the new banner? Thanks! :-D…I have another one that I created – will put it up over the weekend 🙂

  6. Very interesting observation Roma! Thanks for visiting 🙂

    Hello Kate! Hope you had a good trip..:)

    Glad you liked the paintings Robyn – all credit to Neece 🙂

    Will check out your post Affinity! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing Oh and I love your blog. Came to you through House Martin.


  8. Her works are indeed inspiring! I did a post on her too.

  9. I’ve been back to this post twice, love this work !
    Thanks for the introduction, the feet are my favorite.

  10. and I LOVE your banner!

  11. I loved her undulating
    petals but I most of all loved
    Frida painting me it
    was gorgeous and I loved the
    little wink in that work:)

    thank you so much for a fabulous
    link – i am just two hours away from
    Seattle so I am waiting for her
    to have a new show:)

  12. These are beautiful pieces, thanks for sharing them 🙂


  13. There is a little volatility in her work also which is enticing. I enjoyed her botanical and walls & surfaces work!

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