Ornè De Feuilles…

… global inspiration from Japan

It’s black…
I couldn’t figure out much from the site about the store – Ornè De Feuilles. It’s in Japanese. And well, google translate didn’t help much. But what I could instinctively understand and feel is that the person/people running this online boutique have their design heart in the right place. Their collection of an completely eclectic range of products made me go weak in the knees. 
Here, take a look for yourself… 

What a brilliant idea! A new kettle with a flick of a cover

I don’t know if it’s acceptable to gurgle on the blog…but will you just look at those pens, and those scissors!

If some one from Japan, ever, wants to send me an impromptu gift (oh alright, not impromptu..send it on my b’day, ok?), then that someone can please just send the chandelier and the lamp in the first image. Thank you.

You gotta check their site…they have such cute birds! More gurgling..

And of course, I had to sniff out gorgeousness from India and Asia too…

 Camel leather bags from Rajasthan. I love these bags…the only issue is that you can’t really use them for personal use since the leather isn’t soft. Great to use as part of home decor though

Beautiful collection of embroidered fabrics (some vintage) from Gujarat and Rajasthan

Waste not, want not! Or something like that. Bits and pieces of fabrics recycled into charming bags. 

Quilted long jackets for autumn! And why doesn’t any one make these in xs/petite sizes? Why? Anokhi – are you listening? I am pointedly looking at you right now.

Kilim – my favorite rug in different avatars

 Fabrics of all kinds…linen, khaadi, kantha and french printed silk

Closeup of embroidered textiles from India – imagine the hard work and skill that must have gone into making these!

Plastic chattais (rugs)! These have been designed by an Italian designer. I remember similar chattais from my childhood – a must have for any picnic!

Pill boxes!

…it’s white

[All products: Ornè De Feuilles. Image mosaics by me]


  1. ٌYOU have a wonderful blog! Full of beautiful and inspiring pictures.. Indian art is intoxicating!!

  2. gorgeous gorgeous and delights!

  3. Adore all the textiles, the birds and the pens! Beautiful & thank you Bhavna!


  4. Lovely! You always find the best things! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh! I hope Anokhi is reading this post! I always write in the comment book…get more designs in xs sizes!

  6. Same to you Priya! 🙂

    mil cositas bellas: told ya..stuff's drool worthy!

    A: Me too! And I liked tha fact that they are quite unique in their design…not your regular run of the mill stuff.

    I know Sunita…hard to resist those bags 😀

  7. A big Hello, Leslie! Good to hear from you 🙂

    Thanks so much for the info Sandy. I am going to keep a look out on my next travels.

    Hey, happy honeymoon Aimee! Do drop in again and tell me if you find them in Tokyo!

  8. Anu/Rachana: I agree! 🙂

    I so want those chairs Leigha…a combination around a dining table sounds lovely!

    Ipshita: Thank you! (Now, you made Mr. Blog blush!)

    Thanks Hera! Feels good to be a catalyst in the creative process 🙂

  9. I do take ages to post, don't I Gagan…what to do…my corporate work keeps me away from blogging more regularly 🙁

    Thanks Venuste!

    Glad you liked it Pat 🙂

  10. Anonymous

    Hey, try Babelfish to copy-and-paste japanese text, it does a much clearer job than Google Translate. I use it when I'm struggling through ordering from Amazon Japan.

  11. EJ

    I think Indian designs are so bold and colorful they can get away with everything! Check out these lovely wind spinners. I think they would compliment your style!

  12. ditto on the petite sizes, too height challenged.
    Need smaller sizes too.

  13. And I just wish Anokhi was online!

  14. Gurgle on! And I guess there'll be many joining you too, myself included ;D
    That slip-cover kettle is so cool! And I love the camelskin bags, even if they're too stiff to be comfortably used. And all those embroidered fabric makes me itch to get creating with a needle and thread.

  15. love the embroidered fabrics!!

  16. wow! what a beautiful post. i love te blue and white china set…drooling!

  17. I always love what you share!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I love it all.
    I'm off to Tokyo for my honeymoon this year so I will have to check this stuff out!
    Come visit my blog sometime!

  19. Great post.

    The floor lamp, is the josephine lamp designed by Jaime Hayon and produced by metalarte. I actually haven't seen the floor lamp in real life, but have seen the pendant, table lamp and chandelier. All exquisite.

    It's available in Australia from lighting partners australia. http://www.lpaust.com.au

    Not sure if it's available in India.

    Sandy K

  20. Finally getting around to introducing myself — after reading your blog for quite a while now.
    I just love all your design ideas and posts — thank you! I live in a hot country too (Australia) and really feel in tune with the colours you choose — very inspiring!

  21. I just love love love your blog! Its so inspiring to us. The days when people like me are facing a block. Your blog does the trick and makes us want to create things again! Great work!

  22. Bhavna – your blog is to drool at ! Thanks Ipshita

  23. Everything here is just so delicious! The chairs are great in black and white. Hmmm…maybe a few of each clustered around the dining table would be perfect.

  24. Gorgeous collection! Wow!!!!

  25. Fantastic collection!!

  26. *sigh* what gorgeous inspirations… wow.. wow!!

  27. beatifuuuuullll 🙂 i adored!

  28. GB

    Love this post bhavna! you make us wait for ages and then BAM! there's the magic again. Lovely, i'm scrolling back up to linger………..

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