Olivia Fraser

I chanced upon Olivia‘s paintings last week and thoroughly enjoyed browsing through her take on life and people on the streets of Indian cities, as well as her contemporary interpretation of traditional Indian art forms. 

Olivia Fraser followed her ancestor James Baillie Fraser‘s footsteps, and first came to India in 1989. She fell in love not only with India but also with the Indian miniature paint techniques. She is now settled in India along with her husband William Dalrymple (who also happens to be one of my favorite authors!), and captures people, monuments, streets scenes, patterns, color and mood via her vivid paintings.

Above: Olivia’s recent work, inspired also by the Nathdwara school of paintings.

People, their vocation, their celebrations

And my favorites: Monuments and watercolors, and monuments in watercolors!
I am going to keep an eye out for her next exhibition in the city to take in her paintings in person. Also, for readers interested in learning miniature art, Olivia teaches a workshop on miniature paintings, in collaboration with the Jaipur Virasat Foundation in Jaipur. Check the schedule here!  
[All images copyrighted to Olivia Fraser]


  1. hi, i am an avid follower of your blog and really identify with what you write about!
    i had fallen in love with Olivia's work when i read her husband's book-City of Djinns…
    there were some beautifully done sketches in that book and i was really looking forward to seeing more of her art.
    thank you for covering her work-i esp liked her interpretation and mixing of art forms ….her watercolor is beautiful.

  2. Gives an birds eye view of the Indian Culture, Lovely designs.

  3. You blog is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!Love, love, love the pics you put up in each post – where do you get them!!??

    My all time fav are the bluekrit ones – i wish i can do up my house like that!

    keep posting, i am visiting often to get ideas for my new house 🙂

  4. i love the one of the two Sardarjis reading papers!What a couple!

  5. She is new to me but I love her work already…vibrant and original!

  6. What STUNNING paintings – I'd like one of all of them, they'd be perfect for the Caribbean!

  7. Truly stunning work.. The artist has a deft hand as well as a perceptive eye.

  8. My! These are amazing. She's worked out several different styles, simply lovely!

  9. PS: I was looking forward to your promised post too…

  10. These are really beautiful…! Would love to see Olivia's exhibition. My fav are the monuments in watercolors. Also love the lotus paintings.
    Thanks for sharing, Bhavna!

  11. Thanks for such a wonderful post. It makes following you more wonderful. Love it!!!!!

  12. lovely.
    A few yrs back, I got an opportunity to check out some beautiful watercolours paintings by Olivia at her exhibition titled 'City of Djinns'. Fell in love with her work.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Awesome paintings…so inspiring and beautiful!! My fav is the orangey lotus one(the first pic)….so serene!

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