Of Opulence

And it’s that time of the year again! The turn of the season and the beginning of festivals and festivities. While all these years this has been one of my favorite times, this year, I am a grumpuss puss, without my puss. I have been missing the darling piece of my heart terribly and festive prep seems so incomplete and irrelevant, without his pink nose and a furry paw poking in on everything I do.

But well, if I am not the Queen Of Finding-Lost-Mojo Again {and Ad Infinitum}, I don’t know who I am. With thousand and one memories of my little firecracker, here I am, looking for things, people & spaces that will inspire me this Diwali, so that I can inspire you.

The one thing though that I have realized over the last couple of years is that I am tired of seeing the same kitsch and bling that makes an appearance each Diwali. For me, apart from all the other beautiful associations, Diwali means Opulence. A time to indulge in the richness of heritage, of traditions and of spirit. An opulence that is evocative of elegance and timelessness. And to find such inspiring elegance, I turned to an old favorite of mine – Orient 499. I had written about them way back in 2012, and had wished that they sold online. And now they do! What better way to prep for Diwali, but to gorge on these gorgeous visuals and get a jewel or two from their splendid collection!

I will be back next week with An Indian Summer’s trademark moodboards for Diwali.

Sending warm festive wishes your way!

{Images: Orient 499. Visual MoodBoards: An Indian Summer}


  1. I absolutely love all your inspirational photos. I am not Indian but I am in love with the color, texture and patterns of your culture. I have tried incorporating them into my home but I have found limited sources of Indian textiles and home decor here in the USA. This blog is such a great resource! Looking forward to seeing those moodboards in your next post.

  2. Awesome designs & Lovely photography to portray its true spirit.

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