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Soham Dave
The name Soham is a combination of complete consciousness and creative energy in Sanskrit, and the recital of the name “Soham” in Sanskrit and Buddhist philosophies, is one of the most powerful universal mantras of meditation. This mantra is unconsciously repeated each time one takes a breath – inhaling “So”, and exhaling “ham”. It translates to I am that – suggesting the possibilities beyond the limitations of mind and body, at being at one with the absolute.
This powerful ideology is ingrained in Soham Dave‘s designs and collections. Soham, who is an electrical engineer by education, followed his passion of creative fashion design and honed his skills at NIFT and FIT, New York. Soham’s clothes are a beautiful harmony between the old and the new, the urban silhouettes and traditional Indian textile skills of hand embroidery, block printing and weaving. His focus on eco-friendly processes and biodegradable fabrics has earned him an unique reputation in the global fashion industry.  

Browse through rest of Soham Dave’s exquisite collection on his website and Look books.
Swati Kalsi

Swati Kalsi, a passionate textile and fashion designer, from NIFT, has been working with handcrafted textiles for about a decade now. Her work has been globally lauded by collectors, connoisseurs and also feted by museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Swati believes in creating distinct pieces of work, treading on the edge of design, art and craft. To this end, she engages with artisans in interactive creative processes and creates pieces that are timeless and very unique, with interesting quirks and anomalies arising out of the very process of creating a piece of collaborative art.
View more of Swati’s ethereal designs right here.
 Tarini Nirula


Tarini Nirula, an alumnus from NIFT, is a young designer already making waves as an accessory designer. Tarini’s signature handbags and clutches use edgy shapes and forms with an interesting mix of textiles and materials. Tarini has collaborated with designers like Jenjum Gadi and Bina Rao, and her collections have been showcased on the ramp in the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012. 
Grab a Tarini Nirula handbag of your own! View the rest of the collection, and get in touch with Tarini right here.
And now some generous discounts from these lovely stores!

KOZA offers travel accessories for those seeking global style and an individual aesthetic. Catering to the desire of being stylish as well as practical when it comes to luggage and travel accessories, KOZA has put together a collection that you would love to flaunt. Found exclusively in some of the best luxury resorts, KOZA is now also available through its online store. 
Creatively inspired by Indian epic, the Mahabharata, KOZA’s interpretation translates into signature prints created from the finest silk jacquards and embroidered linen.
KOZA would love to offer An Indian Summer readers an exclusive discount! Use to code 06252012 to get 35% discount on the entire collection. Hurry and pick your favorites for the discount code is applicable till the end of this week. 
Maya’s Arc

Maya’s Arc is a dream venture for friends, Uma and Priya. After years of corporate work, they both decided to follow their heart and got together to design one-of-a-kind jewelry. Sourcing beads and trinkets from all over the world, each piece is designed and crafted by hand. Maya’s Arc retails through a convenient e-store and ships worldwide. 
If you would like to own one of the many beautiful pieces in Maya’s Arc collection, do make use of the exclusive offer they have for An Indian Summer readers! The first 25 readers who decide to buy from Maya’s Arc can make use of the code scais31712 and get a 20% discount on all purchases. The code is valid till July 31st, 2012. Hurry and be one among the first 25 to shop right here
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  1. Beautiful collections especially the jewelry.

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  3. Lovely.Liked each item especially Tarini Nirula's butterfly clutch 🙂

  4. i Always look forward to your blogs for great info & special photography!
    A lovely handpicked collection of assorted Items! Thank you

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