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It’s showcase time folks! Time to bring to you a selection of design goodness that I have been getting in my inbox. And what better day to present these to you than a friday? Browse through these lovely designs and stores, in this post and next, at your leisure over the weekend!
~ Taan Bann ~  
Saumya Nagar, a consultant textile designer and a long time reader of the blog, shared with me the wonderful design studio she is currently working with. Taan Baan is a brand started by Rta Kapur Chishti, the author of the immensely popular ‘Saris of India‘. Taan Baan works to promote handspun and handwoven textiles by developing scarves, sarees and home furnishings. Taan Baan has also started the innovative Sari School, where the traditional sari wearing styles are taught and promoted.
[Connect with: Taan Baan; The Sari School]
~ Saffron Hue ~
What began as a casual conversation between two friends, Ruchi Sharma
and Pinal Maniar, Saffron Hue brings a fresh new perspective to the traditional textiles and techniques of India by using them for baby bedding and accessories. Saffron Hue’s products reflect the changing times and
are an amalgamation of skilled craftsmanship, tradition and modern design

Ruchi is a corporate-refugee-turned-entrepreneur holds an undergraduate degree
in Finance from University of Houston and has more than seven years of
extensive experience in both finance and marketing.
Pinal has an advanced diploma in Textile Design from the prestigious National
Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Backed with a sound design studio experience
she has been working as an independent textile and surface designer and
consultant since 2003 exploring different avenues and techniques in the field of
home furnishings, handicrafts and quilting. 

Saffron Hue would love to offer An Indian Summer readers a whopping 30% discount till April 7th, 2013. Just use the code SPRING at checkout while shopping here.
[Connect: Saffron Hue; On facebook
~ 11.11 ~
Based in Delhi, Paris and Berlin, 11.11 is strongly rooted in the Indian heritage of techniques and textile aesthetics. This eclectic fashion brand was started by Shani Himanshu and Smitha Singh Rathore, who graduated from Domus Academy in Milan in 2003. Having worked with Italian brands and being exposed to their craftsmanship, they strongly believe in cross over of cultures and aim to retain and enhance the inherent quality of fabric and craft in their designs. 
11.11 is available at The Grey Garden, located at the Hauz Khas village in New Delhi. Just mention An Indian Summer at the studio to get a 5% discount on purchases above INR 10k.
[Connect: 11.11; The Grey Garden]
~ Pappadum ~

is a cozy little children’s store in Chennai conceptualized and run by Priyanka Raghunath and Harini Lakshminarayan. Harini and Priyanka collaborate with
independent artists and designers, who specialize in sustainable alternatives
for families with children between the age of 0 & 5. Their store houses a
mixed bag of products that range from clothing to room decor, bed linens,
accessories and the likes. Since a majority of these designers are parents
themselves, they’re inspired to make their products as eco-friendly, organic
and fair-trade as possible. They also take great pride in their book section
that is painstakingly put together by researching children’s authors,
illustrators and independent publishers, whose creativity amazes and inspires them,

Priyanka Raghunath is an Architect by
profession. She, admittedly, draws her inspiration from Bijoy Jain, Kevin Mark
and Geoffrey Bawa amongst other architectural greats. Professionally and
personally, she likes things simple and has a green thumb that is some thing of
a legend! Harini Lakshminarayan comes from an Advertising & Film
background. Is a BIG design, graphic novel and indie cinema buff and can,
predictably, be found indulging in one of the aforementioned pursuits when not
at Pappadum.

Harini and Priyanka would love to offer a 15% discount specially to An Indian Summer readers. Just mention An Indian Summer when you walk into their store in Chennai to avail the discount!
[Connect: Pappadum on facebook] 

~ Ichcha ~ 
The concept
of Ichcha, a wish to encourage conscious living, was conjured in 2010 by sisters
Ruchika, Rachna and Monika. Leaving their corporate careers, the three
launched into the off beaten path of India, striving to forge friendships with
the people closer to the land.

Ichcha, as a result, is a combination of aspirations to explore and the idea of sustainable
living. The three founders aspire to work with good people, aspire to encourage
the traditions of the land, aspire to do justice to earth and it’s
offerings. Their products are a direct offspring of their design values, merged
with the hands who know the bends of each thread, the fold of each fabric, the
color of each flower. Ichcha works to continue the age old tradition of block
printing with natural dye, and also working with inspirational women whose
hands know the importance of each stitch that contributes to the beauty of a
whole design. 

[All images: An Indian Summer]


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