Nope, Nothing

Yup, that’s right. There’s no agenda to today’s post. No theme either. No well-put-together story of sorts. Nothing at all. I felt like talking to you. And I am having severe mountain pangs. And I am so neck deep in work,  so much work, that I am this close to saying ‘Oh, fish it. I am going to Prague. And Paris’. Which is happening too, but that update is for another time. So going back to the mountain pangs, I go to my favorite tumblr blogs to get me some of those snow clad peaks and then I get distracted by these rooms and spaces. And I look at these spaces and I think to myself that these need to be shared with my kittens over at the blog. If I like them, they might like them too, and then all of us can be happy together, even if sitting in non-mountainous areas. So yeah, this is what the post is about. You and I, thinking of mountains, and looking at some pretteh rooms.  
And here I pause you. Wait. Take a deep breath and look at this image below. This, my munchkins, is what I call a working space. Imagine, you are working, working, working, and then you recline back and look to your left. You take in all that greenery, get visual oxygen and then go back to working, working, working. And then you pause and look again to your left. Maybe this time, pick up your glass of wine cup of tea/coffee, and go and stand by the window. Then you sigh, and go back to the desk and start working, working….yes, this can go on; I am sure you get the idea. Just lookatit!
Drop me a note if you live in the mountains. I am going to stare wistfully at you. Virtually of course. But even my virtual wistful stare can be quite heart melting, or so I have been told, and I am anticipating that you will invite me. To join you, in your mountain abode.
In that hope,
I will be back with a more meaningful, with depth sorta post, soon
You, my kittens, have a happy rest of the week!
[Images: From here and there]


  1. Gauri, I have dropped wine everywhere, especially after 2 glasses of wine ;-).

    Chryselle, I know! And that's the struggle – the broker I am working with has been told to look for something that is on a hill (or atleast an elevation) and looks out into a valley. Or the sea. And no, an apartment doesn't mean 'elevation' :). Will be seeing you soon!

    Sarvani: I will drop in for sure, every other day, for I am going to be your neighbour! :). A mountain cottage of my own is like my primary motivation in life!

  2. That high wooden beamed ceiling, with white and wooden furniture and SO much light. That's the dream. Except I am so scared I will drop wine and pickle juice all over ruining the fantasy 🙂

  3. You and I may be space-soul mates for my dream rooms all overlook mountains and hillsides too. There's just something incredibly calming about all that green which a water body, for some reason, can't bring for me. And that's irony for you, given where I live. Sigh.

  4. Sigh!!! I hear you cos that's what I do..especially in the Summer,…I dream of the mountains…of driving up those roads, of all the treks I have taken, of sunrises and the crisp morning air… That's my dream.. a home in the mountains with of,course, acres of all my fruit orchards all round!! You can drop by then!! hahaaa.. this is what the heat does to me!! x Sarvani.

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