New Feature: On Demand!

Well, its time to introduce something new on An Indian Summer. And what better thing to introduce than what you want to see…i.e. you ask me nicely, and you shall get it – On Demand! I have been receiving many emails from my readers asking for recommendations on a variety of topics…all closely or loosely related to design, decor, travel, shopping and styling with Indian or Asian influence. While some questions require a personal response, some could be of interest to a larger audience. And those are the topics for which I will dig into my inspiration files, tap my creative cells, hum a song, and write up a post on! So, tell me what you would like to see on An Indian Summer! Drop in a comment, or drop me an email [lookie…the left bar has the email where you can put in your request. And if you also name your favorite song in the request…well, you just got a step ahead in the queue! ;-)]
Look out for the first On Demand! post tomorrow. Nope, I won’t tell you what it is! I will just go and relax on this daybed and gaze out of the window. ahem… prepare for tomorrow’s post!
Have I told you as yet that I like ladders?


  1. Do you have information as to where Indian interiors (furniture and fabrics) can be bought or ordered in the USA? Thanks for your help. I love your blog.

  2. Good to hear from you Linda! How are you doing? 🙂

    Wow! How did you know you were going to be next on On Demand! Eternalvoyageur?! 😉
    I will cover part of your ‘demand’ in a post next week. So keep reading! 🙂

  3. As you have guessed by now, I am another demanding reader 😉

    I’m really excited and looking forward to all the new posts !

    I’d love more posts that would be helpful to someone actually trying to decorate their house in an indian style, (preferably someone living abroad, where it’s not so easy to buy Indian stuff; and on a not-too-lavish budget)
    I’d love posts on various colour combinations, on the different Indian styles and how to mix them, how to mix Indian elements with western elements, ideas on how to drape curtains and other stuff for an Indian feel, and links to DIY projects.
    I’m also interested on the types of wood complementary to the Indian style, and which colours do they go best with.

  4. oooh I love it whenever there are cushions around

  5. ha ha…I like demanding readers! The best part is that if I ever get stuck, I’ll just ask all my readers and other bloggers 😉

    Ah! Aren’t ladders something..

  6. oh , are you sure? readers(me) can be very demanding, mm
    I am thinking about what I want…
    share your love for ladders, too

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