Munchen bound…

Heading to Munich this weekend…


Won’t be able to explore the city too much


But, will surely say


Guten Tag to all my German readers! 🙂
Beautiful image by S. Lo on flickr


  1. this is funny. i am living in munich.
    the time you were in munich, i’ve been on vacation in the caribbean …

  2. Meander, Sunita, eternalvoyageur: I know! I should have planned my trip better and stayer for atleast one weekend in Munich rather than going on to London! But, next time whenever I go, I will check with you and plan what and where to go in and around Munich 🙂

    Thanks a bunch Linda! Hugs

    I can imagine you being busy Affinity! Take care 🙂

  3. such a shame you won’t be able to explore 🙁 Munich is such a gorgeous city and so full of life! have fun anyway and be safe.

  4. Hi Bhavna!
    Enjoy your trip! i’m so jealous. I wont be able to go on trips for a while now. have my hands full with the twins.

  5. Dear Bhavna,
    Hope you had a great blog birthday!! Thank you for giving us anindiansummer with all of it’s amazingly beautiful images and lovely insights!!!!!
    Have a great trip to München.
    big birthday hug

  6. Guten tag to you too ! I live quite near Munich. It’s a pity you won’t be able to explore much, Munich has a loooot to offer !
    Have fun !

  7. Bhavna, try to make a trip down the Romantic Road (yes, its actually called that!). The countryside and the little towns are dessert for the soul …. especially a design-oriented soul.

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