Morocco and the Orient…in New York?!

No, not in New York. But a designer from New York, who has used his multi-faceted background and keen understanding of global art and decor, to design residences in NY and Riad Meriem (labor of love) – a boutique hotel in Marrakesh. And this is an Indian design connoisseur showcasing his work. Talk about globalization!
Sample Thomas Haye’s eye catching work here…

So, how about that one way ticket to Marrakesh? 😉
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  1. Brilliant post! I love each and every pic thats here. unadultrated eye candy indeed 🙂

  2. Katie, I think if we ever have a ‘Design bloggers offsite’ – it should be in Morocco!

    Hello Maryam! The red lanterns are Asian – have seen very similar designs in South Asian decor

  3. Gorgeous post. I esp like that pic with the red lanterns. Are those Moroccan?
    PS Thanks for the shout out:-)

  4. Oh! I might just have to book that trip! Thanks for all of the inspiration you give me. 🙂

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