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The mood of the day is eclectic. I have gathered beautiful rooms for you from my wanderings online, as I would gather flowers and branches, on a walk in a wild garden. An explorative, sauntering mind feels like the only panacea for the sameness of each day, day after day. It’s been a strange year and as I brace myself for the rest of it to unfold, I am just glad that there are people I call my own and places that give comfort, unfailingly, every single day. This little blog of mine and you, are among those that I thank my stars for. This time, I was away from the blog, for more time than I had intended, but here I am, back to feel and share that special kind of joy and delight that beautifully put together spaces evoke…in the likes of us, atleast 🙂   

I will see you again soon. Much sooner.

{Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}


  1. Pilar

    Gracias por tan hermosas imágenes….siempre.

  2. Hi
    Nice article. One thing I have noticed is how much the colour of your furniture can affect your mood. It seems to set the theme for the room. For example, grey furniture can nowadays look cool and calm, whereas in the past it was dull and sluggish.
    Especially the dining room furniture. I’ve seen some grey dining chairs that give off a very calm and serene feel. I.e:
    Thanks for the article, enjoying your site

  3. Gwen McMartin

    Thanks for the lovely images! I’m grateful for blogs like yours, IG, Pinterest and internet in general, my books and my home and yard. It’s been a beautiful Summer here in Oregon-not much adventure tho. Stay safe . .
    p e a c e

  4. Gwen McMartin

    Thanks for the lovely images! I’m so grateful for blogs like yours, IG, Pinterest and the internet in general . .and my stash of books. We’re at the end of a lovely Summer in Oregon, not much adventuring tho. Stay safe and healthy . . .p e a c e

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