Mona Hajj Interiors

I am helping my dad do up his new apartment these days, and have been looking all over for inspiration. Something elegant, something cozy but not too fussy, something that easily fits in the older heirloom pieces, textiles and art with newer stuff. Mona Hajj’s interior work spoke to me immediately and I bookmarked several of the finer details that she has beautifully created in rooms and homes. 

Mona Hajj, one of the Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers for 2010, grew up in West Africa and Lebanon, and was educated in Europe and the US. Her diverse experiences and global awareness is reflected in her designs, which are not only graceful and timeless in their appeal but also quite functional and comfortable.   

Find many more examples of Mona’s tasteful work on her site – Mona Hajj Interiors. Her first book Interior Visions will be out this April in stores and will also be available online

[All images copyright : Mona Hajj]


  1. Beautiful rooms resplendent w/ colour & texture, as always!

  2. Very beautiful!

  3. simply gorgeous! thanks for sharing!

  4. Love these!

  5. Gorgeous!

  6. Very beautiful and calming!

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