Yes, you heard it right
That’s all I have been hearing since the last one week
So the promised post, 
Where I was to share some very talented kittens people
Well, that will have to wait for the next week
In the meantime
I am stalking Sandy Koepke‘s sunny portfolio
Take a look at some of my favorites..

I love succulents!

And, the meow?
Say hello to
My fur ball of a time waster
Our new tom kitten!

Isn’t he the cutest! 🙂

[All images: Sandy Koepke. Last image: Me]


  1. Anonymous

    Ri of Furniture Myrtle Beach .com: Cats and Asian beddings couldn't be a more ideal feature. Great work.

  2. Oh, he really is SO CUTE! I have fallen in love today 🙂 greetings from germany, geisslein

  3. A cute little kitten… And I love your shots of him…. so lovely !!

  4. i loooooooove this face!!!
    I loooooooove an indian summer's style!!

    congrats and greetings from Spain,

  5. Hello Bhavna!!
    Yes, I really do like Sandy's style. Her use of color is happy yet subtle.

    Your new baby is adorable. What's his name?
    My friend Noelle did move to Mumbai.

    Hope ALL is well!


  6. Inspiring finds as always. Am not a regular visitor but keep coming off and on and love what you have to say / share. And congrats on the new add.

  7. keep bumping into your blog. never fail to love what you have to say / show. and congrats on the new add to the family.

  8. These are all so naturally beautiful. Definitely inspirational for a future home!

    Your kitten is soooo adorable! : )

    Also, I love your heading so much!

  9. Ahhh I love the pussy cat!

  10. Well hello kitty! I love all animals…cats, dogs…! Lovely pics as usual Bhavna, warm, colorful, global and ethnic…that one with the pillow hung on that rod, what a damn cool idea…

  11. Love that bed in the first picture.

  12. So many amazing photos.

    I have linked some of your earlier photos in my latest post.

    Regards Malena 😉

  13. amazing stuff….really like it

  14. cute. though i have to say im afraid of cats. lovely pics

  15. everytime i come here i want all these things!!!!

  16. So cute!! My tom cat is sleeping with his two hind legs over my arm, making typing a bit difficult and s l o w .

  17. oh wonderful digs! These images are great and embody comfort and relaxation.

  18. adorable!

  19. wow.. what a beautiful decor!!

  20. Beautiful images, my favourite is the 8th one down, with the kangaroo paw but your cat is divine! Love the way they sleep with one leg stretched out. I have to boy cats (both rescue cats) and they are just divine… like Shanda says 'a house is not a home without a cat' >(*!*)< Enjoy him!

  21. Beautiful corners and pieces of furniture!

  22. this portfolio seriously is stunning. i hope you don't mind but i'd love to put a pic or two on my own blog (linking back to you of course!).
    happy cinco de mayo!
    xx, kait

  23. I love the wooden bench against the blue wall. And the kitten is too cute:)

  24. Hello Tom! Welcome!!!! What lovely pictures. Hmmmm…I really need some of the things I have seen there.

  25. GB

    He's adorable!

  26. Lovely images as usual. I am not a cat peson but I have to say he is cute:-)

  27. Dee

    I love succulents, too! And the kitty is very sweet.

    What software do you use to make collages? I love the way they look!


  28. Such lovely pics… and the such vibrant interiors..Love them..

  29. very very beautyfull
    ciao Paola

  30. K

    Lovely & warm Pictures there..

  31. O yes, he is so sweet !!!!

  32. A house is not a home without a cat!

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