Masseria Moroseta

I am having trouble starting this post. On one hand, I want to be upbeat and positive and talk about how we need to continue to look at the bright side and find beautiful things and spaces to appreciate. On the other hand,  I am sombre and at a loss trying to make some sense of the upheaval around us. It’s strange – there’s chaos, and yet a sense of uneasy quiet. It’s ironical that what is finally bringing the whole world together is a pandemic, and I fervently hope that very soon, it will the cure for this pandemic that brings us together, in relief and joy this time.

Keeping with the mood of the day, sharing the subtle elegance of Masseria Moroseta with you. With the hope that Italy, along with every other country in the world, will soon be able to pull through and put this nightmare behind.

Be safe. And take care.

{Images: Massiera Moroseta}

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  1. thanks for sharing beautiful and sweet home

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