The Majlis

I was so mesmerised by these photos on one of my favorite blogs The Cherry Blossom Girl, that I had to share them with you. Alix, has shared her trip to Kenya here, and taken these photographs at The Majlis Resort in Lamu, Kenya.




The Majlis Resort has a strong Indian and Moroccan influence, and while everything put together in a room gets a bit too much for me, I fell in love with some of furniture pieces and the rugs.


Sigh. Pack our bags, shall we?

[Image credits and copyright: First six and last image from The Cherry Blossom Girl. Rest: The Majlis Resort]


  1. wow these pictures are beautiful, what an amazing place!

  2. beautiful, i love the bedroom, the idea of mostly white with a smattering of bright colours… that really speaks to me

  3. Every pic left me stunned

  4. Wow what a brilliant place. I love the detail in the decor and the art is fantastic. Especially the two 'naivistic paintings' in the living area – love!

    The sleepy cat is too cute! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend.

    xx Charlotta
    Space for Inspiration

  5. Wow, love the look and those rugs….drool!!

  6. the close up shots will haunt me all night…dream dream dream 🙂

  7. always love your blog posts. tq for sharing and God bless for your wonderful pics…

  8. wow..I want to pack mine…off to check that blog.

  9. Beauty at its peak!!!
    Loved it

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