Luxury India

The days of maharajas and maharanis (king and queen) are being relived courtesy the many forts and palaces which have now been restored and beautifully done up to serve as luxury heritage hotels. While driving tourism, this is also playing an important role in conserving Indian architectural heritage. Additional advantage in the process – creating opulent interiors which are truly a feast for the eyes!

Use of colored glass panes – quite common in palaces in Rajasthan

‘Haveli’ (bunglow) in the middle of a bird sanctury

Perfect place to keep a look out for invading armies, or, having a cuppa of tea!

Fountains are very much a part of interior decor

Elephant salute as you dip in the pool…

…and as you have breakfast

Luncheon at the gazebo

Restful luxury

Place for ‘mehfil’ (gathering)

All the work on the walls is done by hands!

Notice the tapestry with Tree of Life illustration…

Beautiful small details

Perfect harmony of a modern chair in a traditional setting!

Canopy bed

Burst of red!

Rich gold

‘Durbar’ converted into living area

Perfect for a lazy winter afternoon!

Ready to be the Maharani for a couple of days? 🙂

(Images primarily from: Neemrana fort, Kesroli fort, Deograh Palace, Samode Haveli and Palace, The Bagh-Bharatpur, Ahilya fort, Udaibilas palace. Photo credits: Henry Wilson (,,



  1. :-)…aren’t these interiors fabulous!? And this is probably just 10% of all that is out there!

    Jenn: You can also try colored glass lamps or screens if you want a more subtle effect at home. I love the colored windows but don’t have the courage to try doing up an entire window (and we have french windows in almost all our rooms) up this way! 🙂

  2. WOW.
    This is a beautiful side of India I never knew of.

  3. love the colored glass panels… stunning!everything is so pretty.

  4. Anonymous

    Very beautiful, thanks.

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