Look Ma, No Furniture

Well, Almost, No Furniture!
I love it when there’s the challenge of putting a room together with limited resources or within a limited budget. The idea of re-purposing, up-cycling, being ingenious in a manner that a beautiful space is created almost out of thin air – that’s what gets my creative juices flowing. The simplest of things can add such personality and beauty to a space, and these rooms prove exactly that!
Would love to see images of spaces that you might have put together in a similar fashion or get inspired to do up a space at your home. Do send them my way! 
[Image sources: 1, 2]


  1. Could you please tell me where you got your coffee table / bohemian dining table? I have been searching all around for something just like that!

    Thank you!!

  2. This is so nice. Simple yet beautiful!

  3. Love your blog!
    See some of our beautiful products too on our page: https://www.facebook.com/ilovePINKmagnet?ref=hl

  4. Love the textiles.. very inspiring 🙂

  5. Love the textiles in the pictures.. 🙂 very inspiring….

  6. Hi ! I love your blog ! You have a neu follower

  7. Anonymous

    Are these designs from Urban Outfitter's apartment collection?

  8. Very sweet home and the Design is very beautiful. Liked it very much

  9. Love all your design inspirations that you bring to us. Absolutely stunning! I have been thinking of stopping by for a while but never got around to it! Anyway, I am here now. We love what you do, your sense of style and the pictures. In fact, we have used your pictures quite a few times in our posts as well (giving the full reference to your website, of course!). So, a big thank you again and hopefully will get to meet you in person one day too. – Shilpa x

  10. Lovely rooms! Very inspirational!

  11. We just moved and have barely any furniture (which my son and husband love since they can play baseball inside.) It certainly does make you think about what you would like the space to be like but also you change your mind daily about it too.

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