Logo Designs – Thank you!

Finally! It’s time for me to share all the fabulous designs that came in as part of the logo design contest for An Indian Summer. I am overwhelmed by the response and love each and every creation that came in. I made new friends in the process, and gained fresh insights into my design preferences too! 

Next week, I’ll introduce to you the winning design, and the lovely designer who worked very hard with me to create the final logo.

Shared below are all of the other designs (in no particular order), with email/site details of the respective creator. Click on the images to enlarge.

~ Maria Valeria Casalderrey ~

 ~ Aleisha Pillai ~

~ Linda Arthurs ~

~ Alpana Vij ~
~ Juhi M Meshram ~

[Email, Link]

~ Susan Herbert ~

~ Nimita Chandiramani ~

[Email, Link]

~ Sriparna Ghosh (and Rohit) ~

[Email, Link]

~ Vanessa Zambrano ~

 [Email, Link]

~ Sangita Pillai ~


~ Poonam Shenoy ~

~ Cornelia Debnath ~

~ Ingela Kristoffersson ~

~ Padmaja Venkat Raman ~

[Email, Link]

~ Qwan ~

~ Ashley Davis ~


~ Catherine Grogan ~


~ Swadha Prasad ~


~ Anusha S Rao ~


~ Anna Prigkipaki ~


~ Disha Mishra ~

[All images copyright respective owners]

Thank you all once again! Sending a big virtual hug your way!


  1. Thanks///////////
    Logo erstellen

  2. Awesome designs 🙂

  3. wow, all of them are great, but i liked the first one of
    ~ Vanessa Torres ~
    good luck to pic one of them cause they are all fabulous

  4. Aren't all of the designs just awesome? I had such a tough time trying to pick out the ones I liked the best!

    I'll share the design, that is going to be my new logo, on Oct 28th. Keep watching! 🙂

  5. Pretty! I think my favorite is the yellow flower by Sriparna Ghosh (and Rohit).

  6. Awesome collection. I bet you had a very tough time.. Shortlist 3-4 of them and keep them for 3-4 montsh each.. It would be unfair to not choose such beautiful designs. The big marketing agencies would be jealous of you for such beautiful pieces of art in your kitty… Keep up teh good work.. you deserve all the love and response form us..

  7. kaush

    Have loved your this space for a long time but never commented! My first comment here but I have to say these designs are absolutely fabulous! Alpana Vij's design was my favorite out of this lot! (also I am biased because Alpana is my mom's name too!)

    Can't wait to see the one you chose!

  8. Wow! I have been thinking of my blog theme for a while as well and man you have got some beautiful choices! Lovely….
    Waiting to see who you have chosen!

  9. wow…some really pretty ones….can't wait to see what you picked!

  10. Dee

    beautiful!!!! i LOVE the yellow burst of flower!

  11. Dee


  12. Wow… great results! There's some talented people out there. My fav three designs are by Alpana Vij, Nimita Chandiramani and Vanessa Torres… can't wait to see which one you've chosen 🙂

  13. Wow! All of them are very well done indeed! They all had very strong characters/appeals.

  14. Brilliant designs, maria, vanessa, ghosh, alpana were few of my fave, but really all of them are really terrific.

  15. Velveteen Vidya ;-)

    Wowww Bhavna.. All these logos are soo pretty! Love it..

  16. I loved ~ Nimita Chandiramani's!!!!!

  17. These are awesome! Can't wait to see your final choice – it must have been a tough call with these gorgeous contenders.

  18. wow.. such creativity.. I loved the 3rd one best for your blog.. is the winning entry among these? anyway, looking forward to see your next post.

  19. Oh my!! All the designs look brilliant and outstanding… You must have had a tough time choosing one among them… 😉 😉

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