A little bit of India in my life…



A little bit of colorful furnishings by my side!




A little bit of fab furniture is all I need!






A little bit of Myakka transforms my home!
with due credit to Mambo No.5 😉
Myakka, based out of UK, is a store which will help you set up a little bit of India in your homes. The above range of absolutely beautiful furniture and furnishings is straight from select manufacturers in Rajasthan, India. The furniture is all made of Indian Rosewood (Sheesham) and Acacia. What I love about the furniture is the straight clean lines which makes it fit so well in contemporary interiors.


And the best part is that Myakka believes in supporting society and the environment and is also an accredited importer and member of Fair Trade.




P.S. : The name of this store is intriguing! The word ‘Myakka’ is a hindi word and denotes ‘a married woman’s parental house’. So if a married woman is going back to her parent’s home, she would be going to her ‘myakka’!
Pronounced: ‘My Ca’ (ca as in car)








  1. Hello Kanchan, thanks! You can find similar furniture at FabIndia

    :-)..I start humming this tune everytime I open my blog and chance upon the title of the post 😉

  2. Love your “singing posts” 😉 had me humming to the tune for a while!

  3. Beautiful Post!

    I absolutely love wooden furniture. I loved the Chest and the last snap.

    And lastly thanx for sharing info, Nice to learn about ‘Maika’.


  4. Right Adi – the spelling we are used to is “Maika”

    And welcome to An Indian Summer 🙂

  5. adi

    or it cud be spelled as ‘maika’ too…

  6. adi

    i think they got the spelling wrong 🙂
    it shud have been, the ‘mayka’, khair, ur pronounciation is spot on.
    came here thru persisting stars, btw.

  7. Arch, I want to buy one of these chests for my home…hoping to find an authentic one from kerala or rajasthan 🙂

    Dhanyawad Vini! 🙂

    Yes Maddie – any room with wide windows has its own charm 🙂

  8. what wonderful photos –
    i loved the dining room with
    those wide beautiful windows
    and all the splashes of color:)

  9. I have to say this again- i love the way u write your posts 🙂 and I love the pic with black almost black straight lined chairs. beautiful snaps 🙂

  10. I love the chest used as a center table…fantastic:-)


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