Let’s get cosy

That moment, that specific evening, when the season turns; when you step outside and feel just a little bit of chill in the air; that very moment is the moment when the nesting bird in me wakes up from her slumber, keeps her nomadic travelling shoes by the side, and wants to cozy up in her home. Out come the throws, the additional pillows, the many rugs {for the boy cat, the more the merrier as he streaks across the rooms randomly at 3:00 in the morning}, warmer incense oils and tea lights. It’s no wonder that I am drawn towards cottage-y, comfortable, lit by sunlight, cuddle in type of rooms today. Get your cuppa of cinnamon tea and let’s get cozy! 

[All images: Inspirations Deco]


  1. Now that's super beautiful. So colorful designs.

  2. Pretty and beautiful.

  3. I want to live in ALL OF THESE ROOMS!!! Such a great roundup. So many beautiful design elements worth stealing. <3

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