Katie Leede

A search into the antecedents of one of my all time favorite room images (above) led me to Katie Leede’s design portfolio. To say that I was delighted, is an understatement. Katie’s work is a perfect marriage of the best design elements from the east and the west. Just about the right mix needed for a room to look beautiful as well as totally livable.

[Image copyright: Katie Leede]
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  1. Your work is truely an inspiration for me!

  2. This is just stunning!

  3. She is an awesome designer. I love how she uses one large art piece or colorful pattern in all of her rooms. Stunning.
    Lila Ferraro

  4. I love that gorgeous blue closet! What a beauty! Have a lovely week ahead, Kellie xx

  5. Beautiful rooms stunningly decorated. Your blog is awesome! I love the images you post.

  6. love the vibrant patterns with big statement furniture pieces, lovely collection!

  7. Oh, nice ambients!

  8. beautiful blog!

    that armoire is gorgeous. definitely covet it.

  9. amazing designs…

  10. OMG!!! superb ideas,superb styles and superb blog!!!!
    love everything here!

  11. very nice! i love that blue room…5th picture. those curtains…sigh!

  12. these images are show stopping! thanks for the constant inspiration!

  13. Thanks for introducing us to Katie Leede. Absolutely LOVED her !

  14. amazing designs… each and every room had its own personality… great

  15. I love the subtle ethnic spirit of these rooms! Very inspiring! I'm going straight up to browse Katie's portfolio!
    Thanks for sharing!xo

  16. Gorgeous! Each photo is a stunner.

  17. i want that book shelf! i'm inspired, thanks for posting! 🙂

  18. love her work! Thank you

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