Kandadu House

I chanced upon this brilliant story on Jean-Francois Lesage‘s home in Kandadu, a sleepy hamlet between Pondicherry and Madras, and was struck by how beautifully the home has been restored to it’s former glory, with a seamless combination of local and French artefacts, furniture, art, textiles and antiques. Take a look at these rooms that hark back to a bygone era, and read more about the home and Jean-Francois here

[Images: Björn Wallander and Karam Puri. Story: Architecture Digest India]


  1. This looks more like a Kerala style architecture. The uruli decor and charu kasera (chair) remind me of my great grandmother’s house.

  2. Old but elegant. Everything in this house makes you feel that you have gone back to the 1950s. Simply fascinating

  3. Oh gosh, this is such a quaint, beautiful home!
    Someday, one day, I would like to retire to a place like this 😊😍

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