Jungle Tales

I spent the latter part of last week in the jungle. A jungle deep in the heart of India, exploring and reconnaissancing the forty four acres of forested site earmarked for an upcoming luxury wildlife lodge, with my favorite wildlife peeps & a very creative & accomplished architect. We were reminded at all times that we are in the jungle as the team of workers and onsite staff would merrily share stories of a python here and a cobra there, and then point out a lone jackal or a wild boar inspecting us, as we worked, perched high up in the tree houses. An evening jeep safari in trail of the resident tigress turned out to be quite an adventure, with us getting caught in a raging storm and a burst of rain in the thick of the jungle. With fallen trees blocking the one narrow road that led back to our site and no phone network, we crossed our fingers and off-roaded through the buffer zone, meadows and stray villages, while being treated to the most brilliant 180 degrees display of thunder and lightening against a pitch dark sky. You, my munchkins, know just how much I love a good storm, and I couldn’t have asked for a better one! The hangover, from the splendid forest, the storm and from the wine that followed, remains, and my pick of the rooms reflect just that. A hint of the wild, a bit raw & rough, in tune with the nature around or bringing the nature in, strong statement in wood, iron & stone and natural fabrics.
I can’t wait for the lodge and the tree houses to reach the stage where I can start sharing sneak peaks of the project with you! Another couple of months and I think we will be there. Will keep bringing back stories for you in the meantime!

[All Images: Mechant Studio]


  1. I like that house a lot! Wow.

  2. Looks beautiful! Where is this ??

  3. My god this place is amazing, it's so beautiful! I'm loving the view from the bathroom

  4. whoa.. where is this place?! there is such romance to the wild…..cant wait for the details!! x Sarvani

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