Jaypore and An Indian Summer Give Away!

Jaypore is one of my favorite haunts when it comes to shopping for exquisite and one-of-a-kind treasures from all over India. Launched last year, initially as an ipad application, Jaypore is now an online store, shipping worldwide, including India.  
I love how the site has evolved and each time that I browse through Jaypore, their collection only seems to get better! From handpicked crafts to quirky products from young designers, to classics that withstand changing trends and styles gracefully, Jaypore has it all!
I was delighted when Team Jaypore reached out to host a giveaway on An Indian Summer. And what a fabulous lineup they have! Three beautiful products, to one lucky reader of An Indian Summer. Here’s what is in the booty:
~ A set of carved wooden boxes
~ A ikat embroidered cushion cover in silk
~ A 3″ by 2″ mughal jaali rug
And here’s how you can enter the giveaway:
1. Browse through the Jaypore site and tell us the name of your favorite product/s. Tell us about it on facebook right here by leaving a comment. (Make sure you are logged into facebook to do so) 

2. To double your chances, leave a comment on this post too

3. That’s it! Wait for result to be announced on April 19th 🙂

All the best! 
[All images: Jaypore and An Indian Summer]


  1. I can't decide! They're all lovely! I do think I could find a spot in my home for the Red & Blue embroidered rug, though https://www.jaypore.com/productDetail.php?productId=2018&shopId=29. But then again, so would the basket with brass accents, or the kantha and ikat cushion, or any of the books. Really hard to decide on just one.

    I'm also a huge fan of this blog. It's such a lovely diversion!

  2. Shall I say fantastic, fabulous, fantabulous ethnic, charming or divine? Indian Summer is great.After I saw Jaypore, I felt there are simply no words to describe the products sold there. Any product of theirs make any home look more lively and add more grace and charm. I liked all their collections, those that touched my heart are those lovely boxes, their paintings and range of kitchen glassware too. Good going! Keep it up! Love you rocking guys!

  3. I first heard about Jaypore here on Indian Summer and downloaded their app rightaway! Since then, I have been drooling over all of their inventory on my iPad. From their site, can I just say I love absolutely everything in their Home Accents section. Love their aesthetic and the items they curate.
    Here are some of my favorites: Peacock doormat, Galli laptop and weekender bags and racing camel doormat. LOVE Jaypore!

  4. jon

    Colorful Peacock Doormat!

  5. Eclectic collection…I can't stop myself browsing Jaypore website.
    My favourite is gold and copper 1-paise coin cuff-links, would definitely buy for my hubby.

  6. Divya Dugar

    I am a hoarder with a taste for beautiful crafts. Few advantages thrown in due to my profession as a documentary producer and a journalist, I travel to the remotest and the most culturally rich places in India. I try to trace out local handiwork from artist of the region. Jaypore seems like a summary of those travels and artwork, it certainly reflects the best of the craftsmanship put out together and visual treat for senses. With a wide array of beautiful things, it is hard to chose one, I really like the ethical fashion section as I am all for organic and the products that supports the weavers, I would love to get my hands on one of thee sari's for this summer. I am a huge lover of Dhurries, bought some from artist in Kutch and interiors of Jaipur. But the selection offered on Jaypore is by far the best I have seen, love the classic chevron styled and jali patterned. To browse through Jaypore is a complete mood lifter for me.. hooked to your site.

  7. I LOVE Jaypore and An Indian Summer!
    My favorite product is the Hand-Painted Wooden Bar Box:

  8. Just in love with Indian Summer …

    Thanks for introducing Jaypore…Here comes my favourites…

    Ruby Ring
    Allure(Stoles & Wraps)
    Chettinad Hand held mirror
    Carved laptop table

    All the cushion covers
    Pink & Blue Embroidered Rug
    Tamara Ethnic Stripes Tray
    Natural wood bookmarks

  9. loved the black round pot.. the silver choker necklaces are legen…wait for it…dary…. 🙂
    love ur blog

  10. My favourite pick for this hour is the pretty and useful Carved Laptop Table! https://www.jaypore.com/productDetail.php?productId=2087&shopId=28

  11. Anonymous

    My favorite products and what I would do with them

    Turquoise Bird Earrings
    Silver God Earrings
    Pink & Purple Dupatta
    Perfect Paisley Cushion Covers
    Paper lantern Big
    motif candle

    As I trawl through the Jaypore website, I found some interesting products – I have always been using bright color stoles, dupattas and shawls in my living rooms as a home décor accessories.

    When I’m not using the “Pink & Purple Dupatta” I would team it up with “Perfect Paisley Cushion Covers” on the sofa (create a setting), add few candles like – “Paper lantern Big”, “motif candles” on the coffee table

    I also liked the Silver God Earrings/ Turquoise Bird Earrings which I might use it as Kurta button on a white Locknowi kurta when I’m not using it as a earing.
    Sujatha – email id sujathaaiyer@yahoo.co.in

  12. I Loved the kulhad cups good for all season either serve tea,coffee,kulphi,hot chocolate,soups or juices.and nice colour.

  13. Indian summer is a beautiful name and the products are amazing too.It would be very difficult to choose one from them.I love all of them but truely in love with this gorgeous scarf named "chobhi".

  14. To select best out of your products is actually very difficult as all your products are good. But if one has to select I will go for these exquisite beauties. I simply adore these. https://www.jaypore.com/web_story.php?eventId=144

  15. Beautiful products with double punch of color and design. My favorite has to be Indigo Motif bed sheet which is simple and luxurious looking. I seriously would'nt mind sleeping on one of those sheets hehe:) left comments on facebook as well as Ann Hbez.

  16. Vee

    Love ALL the linen, the jewellery and the wooden artefacts !
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  17. out of all the fabulous collection of Jaypore i think i would vote for the colaba tales' Silver Sun pendant for its detailed and articulate design. Also for its unique blend of modern and traditional substance.

  18. im new to your site but seriously im in love ,i reflects me .im a total cotton clad , history inspired fabric with a zen of moderness like your styles.
    seriously , the brass products , the tusar saree , lotus soap dish to the decore of summer place feel.

    hope my first visit to the site turns in good fortune to me 🙂

  19. i just love the stardust collection, especially the watermelon necklace and the blue beach neckpiece. They are exquisite and absolutely unique ! Also for one of a kind jewellery pieces, I think they are reasonably priced. love love love it !

  20. Anonymous

    Love the site – especially the Gond boxes and the Brown wooded Curtain holder. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  21. Anonymous

    I love the all the earrings & Necklaces…
    Ruby Ring
    Chettinad Hand-held Mirror
    Carved Laptop table
    Allure(Stoles & Wraps)

    Just love the site and Indian Summer…
    World has become smaller,as we can buy these stuff from Kerala with a click away

  22. Such lustworthy products. I love the Silver Eye Earrings and the Hand-Painted Wooden Bar Box. LOVE!

  23. Sandra

    Love everything about this store!

  24. I love the lotus soap dish and lotus candle holders!

  25. Floral Embroidered Cushion Cover is my favourite product from Jaypore

  26. Jaypore is awesome! On my wish list– Kuheli Cushion Cover, Turquoise & Golden Beads Necklace, Coral Crescent Earrings, and Round Wicker Basket with Brass Finish!

  27. Lovely giveaway that is perfect for the pallette of summer.

  28. i must say that u have a lot of fans which appreciates your products and quality .But in my family my mom always like to buy your products as its one of best quality and design which is more worth than money ,we appreciates work as like as you believe in that .if i won this i would give this as my first earning to my mom .she is gonna love it so much the product want to gift is embroidered cushion

  29. I love the carved laptop table, the victoria coin earrings, and the purple and orange saree! Everything is so gorgeous!

  30. I just left a post on facebook about this lovely sea green tea set on Jaypore…
    Just wanted to say I love your blog – I've just started one and am hoping it'll pick up someday !

  31. Hi my favourite is Twin Lotus Doormat..

  32. varinda

    in one word jaypore is simply awesome:-) i really liked the silver sublime range of accesories!!Its hard to choose one but those coral crescent earrings just took my breath away…. on my wish list for sure!!!