1. Gilberte

    It makes me so happy!

  2. I love every single one of them! Built in furniture and stucco walls rock my world! Thanks =)

  3. ahhh reminds me of madrid – we stayed in an all white apartment with gorgeous textiles and old wood… i miss it! thank you for the beautiful post!


  4. Sooo Amazing…Loved it sooooo much

  5. I'm loving all those exposed beams..! Thanks for introducing me to the work of Jordi Canosa – really incredible designer!

  6. simple yet stunning!!! loved them

  7. My fondest memories of growing up in an adobe house with vega ceilings and thick walls of simplicity and light are so wonderfully captured in these photo. It calms my heart.

  8. wow..Amazing!!! Love the simple style and the earthly tones!!!

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