It’s Awful

It is
It is awful to be sick. To be sick when you had a packed week and you have more packed weeks coming up. When you were planning a surprise birthday party, for you love surprises and you adore birthdays and together they are the most awesome thing ever, turning over the hill be damned. When you were jumping around in high heels at the party, but with an existing hangover from the previous night and with a crushing backache that had merrily invited it’s friends to the party as well. Friends that stayed over for the weekend and don’t show any signs of leaving yet. You might know of these friends – neck ache, headache, eye ache and yes, even ear lobe ache showed up! Sigh. I am as grumpuss as you can imagine a cat denied to go outdoors can be. If not for the brilliant storm that brought some soul relief to me yesterday, I would have been silently [ok, not so silently most likely] sulking away in a corner. And oh the anticipation of upcoming travel! I have weeks & weeks of back to back travel coming up, and I am behaving myself as well as I can this week, so that I am fit as a fiddle and free as a fancy next week. [I am sick and I am allowed random word play, for all the grammar nazis out there who just flipped at the last sentence]
So, since I am squinting my eyes while typing this out and can’t type no more [Ha ha, I like poking them grammar-oos, when I am not on their side being a nazi myself], I will hand over the post to you. Remember the cat not being allowed to go out? I am that cat, staring wistfully at all these vistas to be viewed from these rooms. Give me a room with a view any day. Like ANY DAY. I will take it and say Thank You.
I am off to Bangalore for the week, next week, my lovelies
Holler if you are around
And tell me if there are things & places JUST NOT TO BE MISSED in Bangalore.
I will see ya once again, before this week is through
Hale & Hearty
Mercury Retrograde be damned.
[Images: Here]


  1. This is absolutely fabulous!! where is this please

  2. Wow! The pictures you choose literally transport us not only to the different places but also in different moods. They invoke a mood of seclusion from the rushing world to a world of inner peace and introspection.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I love love love thr rustic floor in the second one. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely stay in Bangalore.
    Regards, Maya Smith | Commercial Flooring

  4. I love all the pics!!!!

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