It’s A New Year!

Yes, I am one of those who get inordinately (or in other words, irritatingly) excited about new years. This time, I got so excited to get done and over with 2017 that I spent the first week of 2018 just getting over the hangover from that excitement. So a tad late, but my favorite people, a very Happy New Year to you! May this year be all that what 2017 wasn’t. May it bring happiness and joy and love and adventures of the pleasant kind to you. May you and I have innumerable occasions to sit and sigh at all the loveliness An Indian Summer will bring for us. May this be one of the better year, that’s all I ask for!

A lot has happened since I spoke with you last. Not only did the year change, but I also moved homes. I will share pictures of my new space with you soon, as I do it up with a fresh new aesthetic. There are very interesting collaborations in the pipeline and you will get to hear about them and see them here, and on An Indian Summer’s Instagram page, Facebook page and Twitter handle. Do follow me there for regular updates and for a lot more visual & design inspiration!

To begin the year, sharing with you these cozy, very British interiors from Max Rollitt.


See you again soon!


All Images: Max Rollitt


  1. Did you draw the floral patterns on the wall or is it a removable wallpaper?

    1. Varsha, this is a wallpaper. The room has been designed by Max Rollitt and the wallpaper is from Lewis and Wood.

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