It’s 10.10pm in Australia right now

No particular reason for me to share the time, except that today’s haul of room eye candy is from Australia! And when you are at a loss of words, you talk about the weather, or check the time. I mean, before smart phones were invented. Now, you just look at your smart phone and check facebook or twitter.  See, how smartly I plugged in An Indian Summer’s facebook and twitter links? 😉
Well, here are some lovely rooms from Insider, the home magazine of the homeware sales site – The Home
And, in the same magazine, I chanced upon the work of interior design Bonnie Masefrau. My favorites…
And, it is 10.30pm in Australia now.
I thought you might like to know
Good night to all who are in Australia and that side of the world
Good morning to others
And a happy late afternoon/evening to the rest
We cover all time zones
My blog and I
We do 🙂
[All images: Insider. Creative storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


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  2. Love the natural bright light.

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  4. Beautiful stuff. Wish I could get some of this for my home 🙁

  5. Good night from Australia .. its just reached 10.50pm and I loved your entry today ..

  6. Oh goodness…lovely rooms.

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