Hakone Ginyu, overlooking a steep valley drop amongst the Hakone mountains is a modern ryokan set into the side of a mountain in Japan. Ryokan means ‘Japanese Inn’. Designed with a mix of Japanese and Indonesian style, Hakone Ginyu offers peace and luxury on a platter.

Inviting vistas

Enjoy the outdoors during day, and at night

Places to relax


Glimpses of the bedroom

And, what bathrooms! Complete with saunas in the open

Attention to detail

The best time to visit Hakone Ginyu is spring and autumn. Hmmm…an option to consider with autumn round the corner!



  1. Beautiful! I especially like the attention to detail pics 🙂 I see u have posted truckloads as usual- I’m racing thru yr blog to just see everything :)!

  2. Thanks for visiting ‘Studio wellspring’! Do drop by again 🙂

  3. oooo what gorgeousness. would love to visit here!

  4. Yes Tara, specially the outdoor baths…I can imagine how relazing they would be [though only if no one’s peeping ;-)]

    Glad you liked the Ryokan, Regina and Katie! 🙂

  5. Just dreamy! Beautiful. Thanks for the post!

  6. Oh, love this… and the previous post. Japanese design is just so… so elegant…

  7. Looks very relaxing and serene.

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