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If I were a flower, I would most likely be a sunflower since I always turn towards sunlight. I am like a cat who finds one spot of sunshine and huddles into that spot and moves as the spot of light moves. At work, my team now knows to leave the chair facing the window for me in a meeting room. My husband calls our home a ‘glass’ home given the number of french windows we have in our home.

Does this tell you something? If not, then the following images that I adore, will give you a Big clue! 🙂

Sigh! As much as I love beautiful interiors, I also adore scenic outdoors. My ideal design is the one which achieves a perfect synergy of both.
How about you? Do you prefer open vistas from your windows or the cosy curtained look for your home?



  1. Hi Bhavana
    New to your Blog. What can I say. Its …. so beautiful and colorful that I am seeing colors everywhere while I am sitting in a dull draby office on a dull gloomy raing day. I love your blog. Best I have ever found. And yes… I love sunlight. I love it so much that I sold one house to move into an apartment where sun stays in my house all day either through doors or windows.
    Will be regular to your blog now.!

  2. I like the swing hanging on chains!! great post

  3. Namesake

    Lovely pics , escpecially the living room with a forest view. The blog is really good and I feel refreshed going through it. Keep it up

  4. Rightly said Maddie!

  5. I love my home as the light changes
    all times of the day – illuminating
    different areas so magically –
    light is essential – and very
    careful consideration should be
    given when choosing a home based
    on light equally to other things:)

    gorgeous photo’s:)

  6. Great post…What is a home without sunlight streaming into your life…it brightens up the home & your spirits:-)

  7. Oh I agree! I feel lucky to live in California where it is sunny so often. In Northern California we have the added luck of having beautiful seasonal change as well! These are wonderful pictures.

  8. 🙂 yes, the bane of urbanization when you only see other buildings through your windows…

    Something which helps in apartments is getting planters outside and on top of windows (if possible) and literally growing a green curtain 🙂 Check out one of earlier posts under Eye Candy – Products…you will find a very interesting planter design!

  9. Brilliant post 🙂 I am so like u in my love for the sun 🙂 thats one of the reasons my blog is called ‘artnlight’ In a city like bombay sometimes theres no alternative for most people but to love their curtained look. If the option is to stare at another flat’s kitchen! But with views like this…! Bring in the vistas anyday 🙂

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