1. Glad you liked it Pacchai! :)…it was good fun to try to create a ‘website’ for the first time!

    Thanks LPE! 🙂

  2. Spectacular!

  3. Hello Bhavna,
    Congratulations on a job well done. I am so impressed..the hand selected items, the description, pictures and user friendliness..I look forward to shopping with you!

  4. Oh, that one is my favorite too Kavitha! I got a similar one for my home when I picked it up 🙂

  5. Hey Selya! How are you? Thanks! Glad you liked the collection 🙂

    Thanks Corine! 🙂

  6. Hello Pavitra! Thanks a bunch 🙂

    Thanks for your suggestion Tanima~ I finally figured out where to make the change for the pages to appear in the right order 🙂

  7. Thanks Christine! Yes, I am glad I have been able to keep to my Jan deadline…good way to start the new year 🙂

    Glad you liked it Arch! 🙂

  8. Wow!! That’s a great collection of items. My favorite one is the stone kettle. its so gorgeous. Good luck!!!

  9. Ambitious, beautiful, great merchandise. I’m working on a list of favorite online stores and I’ll ad your to my blog.

  10. Congratulations!:) Beautiful selection! Good luck to your Bazaar!

  11. I really like it, its simple and easy to navigate.

    I would suggest on the right hand bar that ‘For You!’ is placed before the FAQ.

    I didn’t immediately realize that was another place to see products, since I assumed everything before FAQ was products.

    I look forward to seeing more products, and I might take you up on your personal shopper offer…lol.

  12. Hey Bhavna,

    I checked out the goodies, nice selection of cushions!

    Hope the Bazaar takes off , All the very best to you!


  13. Congrats Bhavna..It’s so exciting to see all that you have hand-picked…:-)

    I am sure people from around the world would love to buy the lovely crafts from Incredible India:-)

    All the best!

  14. Lovely – you have a really nice selection of wares to sell….I especially like the pillows. To get this off the ground is so exciting. 2008 is off to a good start!

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