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Expedia – Indian Then & Now

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, Expedia has launched a spiffy tool that showcases some of India’s historic landmarks, as they were in the past and now, in the present. This interactive tool also shares pertinent facts and information about the landmark at a click of a button. I love before afters of any kind, and it is enlightening to see history juxtaposed with the current in this vivid visual format. Take a look at India, then and now, right here!


Made In Calcutta

Amrita Saraogi is a contemporary artist/printmaker based mostly out of Calcutta. Her evocative fine art prints are a result of her exploration as an artist, working in mediums ranging from lithographs to woodcuts & engravings to linocuts to her latest kintsugi series. Amrita showcases her work on her site Made in Calcutta, and also offers prints for sale right here.


Madras Prop Store

If I could, I would buy everything off Jofy Abraham’s gorgeous Instagram feed where she curates one of their kind vintage finds and kitchen knickknacks. These beautiful items are fabulous as props for food styling as well as decor conversation pieces. Take a look at what’s up for grabs right here!

You have a good weekend, folks. I will see you next week!

[Images: Expedia, Made In Calcutta, Madras Prop Store. Creative mood boards and story: An Indian Summer]

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