1. I want one of those….wat do u call em’s….from the last picture…im zimbly in LOVE with em!!!

  2. So beautiful Bhavna!!! xo

  3. intriguing….

  4. Beautiful as always 🙂

  5. lovely pictures..keep it up

  6. love this post. The textiles, aged furniture and betel leaves all add a distinct touch to the space. wonderful!

  7. wow, i just came across your blog. you have some great things in your blog. I love the lehenga/choli in this post. All the fabrics/textiles look awesome.

  8. Love the blog and these pics are absolutely striking!

    Wish it was hot Indian style in the UK, its just all snowy bother..

    How is this for icy inspiration:

    We braved the heaps of London snow and headed to Hyde Park to build our first sofa made completely of snow… check out the hilarious video we made and be impressed with our interiors and furnishing know how. 😀


    Snowy love,

  9. So welcome back – in german: Dann Willkommen zurück! ;o)

  10. The first and the last pictures were simply breathtaking….What gorgeous photography too!


  11. Anonymous

    oh the fabrics are gorgeous! and finally have given an idea of what to hang on my split-pea green wall (just one 🙂 in my living room — the other walls are a tan color — i’m going to find some similar and display them on that wall the same way most folks around here display Amish quilts.

    thank you!
    – gracie

  12. Exquisite.

  13. What a beautiful dress in the top photo!!

  14. Stunning images.
    xo Isa

  15. gorgeous pictures!

  16. LG

    Loved Ghagra choli the most!

  17. What a beautiful post! Incredible pictures! Tks! 😉

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