I Saw..

And This
And then I Had to see more!
More and More..

I am getting attracted to
the aesthetics of
the raw and earthy,

Odds and ends,
put together

and called a Room!
[Mexican residence and spa at Xtabay Estate – Coqui Coqui]


  1. is it heaven?

  2. That first bedroom is gorgeous! It will be mine someday…

  3. I am in love with this post. I must see more!

  4. here, you can see some more of the pics of the place, and people behind it (there are some more pics in Todd's book):



  5. Neha

    I just love these images…I must admit, I'm totally addicted to this blog. you have an amazing eye for decor and beauty.

  6. oh my god, this is amazing. i love this interiors!

  7. Preciosos esos contrastes blancos y negros. Lo que más me gusta es el baño, la bañera y el espejo son muy sensuales.

    Un saludo

  8. I love that bathroom!


    Thats all I want, the mirror, the bathtub and a dramatic chandelier.

  9. Aaaaah… the bringer of eyecandy is BACK! 🙂

  10. My jaw just hit the ground. Gorgeous!

  11. Anonymous

    Hi Bhavna – Thanks for the fabulous pictures. I am closing the house on Jan 19th…so will leverage from the pictures

  12. ahhh, that bathtub looks so inviting!

  13. *L

    haha snake on the wall. good sense of humor.

  14. Fabulous inspiration! Hope all is well. Just dropping by to wish you well! Your blog looks nice!

  15. i hope that was not a real snake! eww!…but all other pics look great esp the one overlooking the sea…

  16. Those photos are just brilliant. Actually, all of your photos are equally exquisite.

  17. Eva

    … and then add some colour … perfect!

  18. AL

    i saw the first photo and just was in awe…’oh my gawddd!” went through my head. Ok so i don’t think i would like an entire house in that style, but i really could live with a bedroom like that, ceiling beams rock! and in every modern house, some au naturale texture on a wall, can be a nice touch too.

  19. Ah, I love the simplicity and rawness of the color palate. It takes a keen eye to pull off this simplicity with such panache.

  20. Pea

    beautiful pictures!!

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