I like you already..

 {The warmth of tea-lights, on a cold cold winter day}
I hope, so far, this year has been treating you well too!
Here’s wishing you, my lovelies, a wonderful rest of 2012!
I am in the midst of moving to a shiny new laptop and hence the absence of beauteous posts. As soon as I have moved, installed and cleaned up stuff from laptop till date to laptop from date, I’ll be back with goodies that make you go Ah! Be good, till then. 🙂
 [Image: Taken by me at home]


  1. I just want to say Hi från Swede, what a lovely blog you have!
    – Caroline

  2. Happy new year! I just discovered your blog, and added it to my blogroll. I'm excited to follow it!


  3. Candle holders have always been nice decor idea. Candles brings warmth and liveliness in room.

  4. Vidu

    Congrats 🙂

  5. Those colors just warmed me up!

  6. Ummm luv this pic

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