I don’t like you, yet.

I am talking about you!

2014 and I haven’t started right. We haven’t hit it off yet, so to say. 2014 has been poking me, surprising me, pulling the rug from under my feet, messing my hair on good hair days and generally being an ill-mannered brute.

I typically like New Years. And they like me. End of December, we get ourselves a hot cuppa each, and chirp and get happy about fresh beginnings, end of winters, advent of spring, possibilities, hopes, fun plans and more. 2014 and I did the same; or so I thought. I could have been speaking Greek and the nincompoop 2014, French! 
Frustrating it is, I tell you. And no less upsetting. Ask my boy cat. He understands, for from time to time, he licks his front paw, keeps it on my knee and looks up at me wistfully. For what it is worth, behind that wistful look, he must be abusing 2014 on my behalf. He is a good boy cat like that. I can’t really say what I want to say to 2014 on this blog, as this blog is safe for work and safe for home. It has pretteh pictures and some moms and I am sure atleast a few dads, are showing these pretteh pictures to their kids. So no, I can’t say bad words here, howsoever tempted I might be. I’ll let my furball do that for me. Go Jui, go!
So you may ask, why am I sharing my tirade here and now?
Well, for one, who else do I share it with if not you? Aren’t you my favorite folks? You ARE. Like it or not.
Secondly, given all this rug pulling business, I need to recoup. reassemble. regenerate. refocus. recycle. [well, not really recycle, but what the heck – let’s put an eco-conscious message in there while we are at it]. 
 And while I hit the Refresh button this month, two things shall happen:
One, I’ll continue to update my other pretteh blog – An Indian Summer Likes. So if you haven’t checked it out yet [Oh my God, how could you have not!], please to do so on a daily basis. It has inspiration and prettiness and niceness and decor and fashion and mountains and witticism and cats and illustrations and sigh, all things that I like. You will like them too. All pics in this post are from there.
Second, a task for you, my dear spread-all-over-the-world friends. Kindly tell 2014 to behave itself for I am losing my patience, and am just about to put on my ninja gear and give one tight slap to the bully and ask it to go stand in a corner. Right after I beat the shi cra [this safe for home and work thing, man!] After I beat it up badly. Ok!
Remember An Indian Summer Likes is where the action will be, for sometime. Bookmark it.
And while we are talking about things that are making me mad, this Mark Zuckerberg chap – what, just what does he want! You lovely people show my little blog such love and like An Indian Summer’s facebook page, and then Mark goes and changes things around! And then you can’t see what I share on the page in your news feed. Highly disconcerting this.
So if you are connected to An Indian Summer on facebook [if not, Oh my God, why not!], please do the following:

1. Click here and go to the page
2. Like it if not liked yet! Erm ok, pretty please, do so if you may wish? [Before you think that I am getting influenced by the badly behaved 2014]
3. Just hover the mouse cursor over ‘Liked’ button and click on ‘Get Notifications’. You can also check mark the ‘Add to Interests Lists’ if you wish. That’s it. You’ll not miss a single dose of goodness from this blog henceforth.

Lookie! Here’s how:


Auf wiedersehn for now. See you on the other side, folks. Be good and be happy!
  Catch you on An Indian Summer Likes
Will be back here soonish
Drop me a hello here, here or there anytime!
 [Please find credits and/or source of images used in the post here]


  1. nice photos really very nice… thought

  2. Th pictures in this post are soooooo pretty, especially the cat! heehee!! so ciyoooooot!!!!

  3. As always pretty pretty pretty. But this post esp is like reading a poem. Very nice. Loved it. Thanks, Preethi.

  4. Hope it turns around for you with beautiful things . Priya xx

  5. Sigh. Virtual hugs to all of you. [Raye – so sorry to hear that 🙁 ]. I HATE this year so far. We should all put a hex on it or something to make it better.

  6. Abuse now, but the year is gonna teach us all some thing important before it goes out. You will remember it as a year of blocks that helped you haul yourself a few steps up! Thats the way of tough times 🙂 And with more gorgeousness like this, there is no way but up for you baby! Keep pouring all that angst on us with such beauty. Shake hands for the boy cat for me 🙂

  7. I need a 2014 kickstart too…

  8. Another second to 2014 being less than friendly! Even had to put my girl kitty to sleep because of an illness 🙁

    Will look forward to pretties on Tumbler 🙂

  9. Oh well! I live in Canada and its been so blah! Let's hope the rest of the year is pumping fine! Amen!

  10. Oh, I hear you! Let's hope 2014 comes around!

    p.s. love the other blog on Tumblr. 🙂

  11. Got to agree- 2014 has been a b*^&h so far. Better sort itself out!

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