1. rijuta rishi


  2. Anonymous

    OMG ,your blog is SOOOO beautiful and intresting !I have already added you to my fav’s and I will be starting the first Icelandic blog of this kind here in my country soon.(Yes,interiors ,photography and other good stuff)
    I will certainly be introducing An indian summer to my readers!
    Do you live in India ?
    Best regards and keep up with those beautiful photos.Agusta Dan. Iceland

  3. and some of them sell carpets too. gorgeous ones (not found in stores )for a fraction of a price.

  4. I cannot believe these pics are from LA – gorgeous and so ambient.

  5. Yes, amazing that this in LA. I was just in Morocco and it was just amazing. I still can’t get over the light.

  6. Wooah! Man! this is brilliant! Loved all the pics! Where do you find these gems Bhavan!! 🙂

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