Here I Am!

Pics from my recent travels. More coming soon here, with details of lovely homestays!

I did it again! I vanished. I have been incommunicado here, though active at my other haunts – Instagram and Twitter. But this pretty little blog of mine is my first love and it’s time for me to come back. And boy, am I back! I have a treasure trove of inspiration lined up, collected and curated over the last couple of months. I might not have been posting here, but you were always on my mind […you were always on my mind].

Coming up later this week is the beautiful portfolio, of never seen work, from one of my favorite Interior designer and stylist. DO update your bookmark, subscribe, follow An Indian Summer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the flurry of creative and visual goodness coming your way!


[Images: An Indian Summer]

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  1. Waiting to see your updatesss!!!!

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