Hello You!

It’s been a while! I have been away way too long, and well, I have missed you. Terribly. Life, and this bug called ‘website revamp’ is what kept me away from you this past one year. Neither of these went per what I had thought in my head, or how I felt in my heart or as I had planned in my excel. But but, here we are, rising and smiling again, against all odds and with as much gusto and joy as can be gathered in these battle weary, but, even if I may say so myself, quite aesthetically pleasing arms.

This little treasure trove of mine called an An Indian Summer, has been a source of beauty, bliss and serenity not just for me but also for SO many of you, around the globe. And your emails and messages to me, even when I haven’t been around, have meant the world to me. So thank you, from all of my heart!

I am back, and back for good this time. Things will be more varied and interesting, and I will be sharing a lot more of what catches my eye here. Still very discerning, still unique and still only that what will bring joy to our lives.

It might, just might, be a little buggy on the site, for the hard stretch to the end was done by me googling Website Development 101 – For F God’s Sake Tell Me How, so let me know if something isn’t working or looking the way it ideally should.

I am also active on Instagram and Threads – so catch me there, talk to me there. Tell me what you like, and what more would you like to see on An Indian Summer. In the non-virtual world, I will be splitting my time between Melbourne, New Delhi and Thimpu for a while, so if you are in or around these cities or countries, holler, or better still, write to me. Let’s connect!

Want to figure how we can work together or what I can do for you? Hop on to the Collaborate page and drop me an email.

And, keep being the absolutely awesome virtual friend/reader/viewer that you have been. Our tribe is growing and let’s see where this year takes us!

See you tomorrow with the first pretteh post of the year!

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