Helen Cathcart

And, I pop up again! After months of hibernation, I am back with renewed vigour, my bag of creative goodies bursting at it’s seams. There will come a fine day when I will pen down this mega phase of my hibernation-resurfacing-hibernation life, but for now, I have resurfaced for good. Since the time I last blogged consistently, a lot has happened in the world of interiors and design. From new designers to newer brands, fresh perspectives and aesthetics, rapidly evolving design sensibilities and our response in the form of what is precious to us to the ever changing social and world situation around us. I have been observing and curating from it all, and hope to start sharing my picks with you here, more consistently. There is of course Instagram and Twitter, where you will find more of what I photograph – spaces, travel, my work, interior projects, things of beauty and day to day inspiration.

Today, sharing with you my selection from the beautiful work of prolific photographer Helen Cathcart. London based Helen’s work has been featured in leading interior, travel, food and lifestyle magazines. I love how through the wide range of her interior photography projects, Helen has been able to infuse life into the spaces she has photographed, by capturing the perfect light and movement. 

You can find more of Helen’s work on the site and Instagram.

[All Images: Helen Cathcart]


  1. So lovely to hear from your Vasudha, Indira and Eiplinfra!

  2. Vasudha Agarwal

    Ah!! Glad you are back. Not even a single week has passed since your last post that I haven’t gone and check for an update. Going through your blog feels comforting for mind and heart 🙂

  3. Indira

    Welcome back Bhavna … I stop by your website now and then to look for any new posts ! Thank you for introducing me to Helen, I’m addicted now.
    Beautiful homes … maybe it’s the Indian mentality not to overindulge in a luxurious home and lifestyle but these posts show that even simple homes with good taste can be beautiful and what’s more wonderful than having a calming pleasant home !

  4. It’s Amazing and Beautiful….👌
    The ways people decorate and furnish their homes, and the objects they choose to display, can reveal their values, aspirations and tastes.

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