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Oh, what a year it has been! You and I can keep exclaiming and shaking our heads at this year, but the year rallies on, one homogeneous month after the other. And as I am winding down for the year, I find myself reflecting upon and reliving one of my most exceptional experiences of 2020. This year began, as all new years should, with a focus on the good things in life, and the determination to bring about a positive change in self. And serendipitously, around the same time, the good people of CGH Earth, specialists in eco-luxury travel experiences in India, invited me to their luxury wellness clinic – Prakriti Shakti, nestled high up in the lush hills of Panchalimedu, Kerala. I couldn’t have asked for better start to the year, a realization that became stronger as the year progressed and turned out to be, well what it turned out to be!

Kerala has always had a place in my heart, and having experienced Ayurvedic programs in the past, I was keen on experiencing a more holistic wellness program. Prakriti Shakti offered that perfect experience and at the ideal time. As we closed on the dates of the trip, the efficient team at CGH helped me prepare for my upcoming wellness experience. I filled out a detailed form that covered my past and current health status and made me think about my health goals. The gracious host that CGH is, they first let me indulge at their eco-village resort, Spice Village, set in the wilderness of Thekkady. The luxurious experience with sumptuous meals, walks through spice plantations and the heart of Periyar forest, readied me for the more disciplined and carefully curated frugal seven days ahead at the wellness clinic.

Prakriti Shakti [translates to Nature’s Power] is CGH’s haven for holistic healing. Set on top of a verdant hill, the absolutely stunning clinic of natural medicine, draws one in with it’s warmth and beauty. As you start interacting with the amazing doctors, skilled therapists, gifted chefs and the lovely staff, you get a sense of deep comfort knowing that you are in very competent hands. Prakriti Shakti’s healing programs include a range of natural medicine and therapies – naturopathy, diet therapy, yoga, meditation, energy medicine, to name some of the primary ones. While they have treatment regimens for lifestyle induced chronic disorders, they also offer shorter detox and rejuvenation therapies. All the treatments and therapies are customized for the individual based on the doctor’s assessment and on what each person needs, to achieve their health goals. The days start and end early at the clinic, with personalized scheduled therapies focused on detox, rejuvenation and healing, delicious raw food meals and doctor consultations in between.

And all this, in the midst of stunning nature and a beautifully designed clinic! My senses rapidly healed themselves of the big city, the moment I stepped in – you know how much you and I appreciate beauty and good design, and the fatigue of the journey was taken care by the luxurious accommodation. The peace and calm of the place and location is the ideal backdrop for healing the mind and body. It felt like home, yet without any of the cares and concerns of a home.

For me, Prakriti Shakti has turned out be one of those rare experiences that changes one’s life. Having had a very on-off relationship with food and sporadic bursts of focus on fitness all my life, my time at Prakriti Shakti not only gave me the awareness and knowledge, but also the discipline and a practical guideline on how to make the necessary changes in my diet and exercise once I got back to my regular city lifestyle. This know-how and the how-to is what has held me in good stead through the year, this extraordinary year. From learning to appreciate glorious raw food, to experiencing the amazing efficacy of the right yoga asanas, meditation and breathing techniques, to developing a growing interest in energy medicine, to customized massages and wonders of naturopathy, the seven days at Prakriti Shakti gently introduced me to a far healthier and wholesome way of taking care my body and mind. I can not thank enough the warm and generous staff at the clinic, who guided me, and the other guests from different corners of the world, every step of the way.


I am so looking forward to my next retreat at Prakriti Shakti. The great news is that they are now open to guests, having put in place all necessary, and more, precautions to safeguard against Covid. And if ever there was a time to (safely) head to a place that focuses on healing, it’s now. Prakriti Shakti has added additional programs that cover Immunity building and healing stress-related ailments that have cropped up because of the battering all of us have taken in this extraordinary time. They are offering the programs at special rates and you can get more information by calling +91-9072610130 or by emailing admissions@prakritishakti.com. I can not recommend the experience enough!

Here’s to a healthier and safer next year!

Call +91-9072610130 | Email: admissions@prakritishakti.com

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