Have Feet, Will Travel

It’s time again to take off.
Where to now? You ask.
And I say that you ask a pertinent question, Milady & Milord.
I will pause the obsessive marathon sessions of Downton Abbey and take this post to apprise you of my forthcoming wanderings.
I am going to be in Goa for the next few weeks. I will be hopping across the length (primarily) and breadth of North Goa on my own (gasp! & yaay!) exploring the country side, the old cities, the villages, the beaches, looking up homes, meeting fresh-off-the-oven friends, visiting creative folks, avoiding snakes, attending events and getting inspired by it all. Except the snakes bit ie. And don’t even start on the what-you-do-unto-snakes-the-poor-snakes-won’t-ever-dream-of-doing-unto-you  spiel. They can be the most pious, gentle creatures to slither on the face of the earth and I am happy for their general goodness. But I do hope one of them reads this blog post and tweets about re-routing their slithering to the direction opposite to my general direction. And by doing so we avoid general nuisance, mutual inconvenience & singular oscar winning dramatic episodes. There. This is as environmentally, herpetologically & politically correct as I can be when talking about them slitherers.
So, moving on, if you happen to be in Goa and notice a petite woman
standing by the side of a lovely  winding road, next to a lush green
field, with a large map flapping wildly in the Goan breeze, that, that
will be me! Please stop, say hello (for we are always polite, even when
not under the influence of Downton Abbey) and help with directions and
Sigh. The romanticism of paper maps and a breeze in Goa at this
time of the year! In reality, if you see a petite woman, standing, to
begin with, in the middle of a road, and then jumping indignantly to
the side of the road, next to a lush green field (we like fields and
always stop by their side), rotating her smart phone left to right to
get the orientation right and muttering terrible threats at google maps,
that, that will be me! Please stop, say hello and wassup (for we like
some American soaps too) and help with directions and such.
Apart from your Advanced Directional Support, tell me things about Goa, people. Things you have discovered. Things you love. Or don’t love. Nooks to see. Homes I would love to stay in.  People to meet. Those winding roads off the map. The ways to spend evenings. And nights. THE beach to catch the first rays of the rising sun. Where do I get to hear the most sublime music. Where are the cats. What about the dogs. I would love to know all, for Goa is going to see a lot more of me in the coming months. And it’s about time that we got better acquainted. Email me, message me here, tweet me. Tell me all. And I will tell you all that I experience and discover as my Goa saga evolves.
This trip is as much about working as it is about exploring. So I won’t be missing in action completely, but will keep popping in, if not with a post, then with updates on my wanderings (with pretty pictures. always with pretty pictures) on facebook and twitter. If you don’t hear back from me within reasonable time, rest assured that some *&h%$ snake, who CLEARLY has been living under a rock and doesn’t follow that twitterati snake fellow respectfully mentioned above, has gotten the better of me. No other reason will keep me away from you. Except maybe Desmondji. Just maybe. 🙂
While I expound on all that I have been expounding about, you must have noticed these gorgeous rooms that keep popping up between my monologue. What to do. Hard to keep pretty rooms away from this blog of mine, irrespective of how profound the monologue is. These rooms, my dear people, are from Morocco. The lovely Villa Maroc, located in the heart of Medina of Essaouira, in Morocco. Such rooms, spaces and decor, that for a moment I forgot about Goa. Just for a moment that is. If not for the early morning flight that I need to catch, I would have gladly spent another page or two talking about oh, my pretteh feet and all their wanderlusting!
You, my favorite people, you have a marvelous weekend.
I’ll talk to you again, soon, reporting live, from Goa!


  1. Excellent, the write-up and stuff simply left you spellbound

  2. Love the pictures from Villa Maroc.. 🙂 have fun in Goa 😀

  3. Love the interiors of Villa Maroc 🙂 Have fun in Goa …:D

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