Harry Pieris Art

AnIndianSummer HenryPierisArt1

I recently discovered Harry Pieris striking portraits and have been on search for more of his artwork since then, but unfortunately not able to find many online. Pieris, was a Srilankan artist, born in 1904. He lived, studied, and worked in Europe for almost a decade in his formative years, and his inspiration owes a great deal to this influence. But his later stay in India, and his long familiarity and studious knowledge of the best elements and styles in the Indian and Sri Lankan traditions of painting and sculpture, both classical and folk made their congenial impress on his aesthetic sensibilities.

AnIndianSummer HenryPierisArt1 001

AnIndianSummer HenryPierisArt1 002

AnIndianSummer HenryPierisArt1 004

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