1. Anonymous

    Its a white breasted kingfisher.

  2. Never too late Anon! Thank you for dropping in this note 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    2 yrs too late but its a kookaburra. found here in australia 🙂

  4. The tree house hideway is the only tree house in Bandhavgarh. It is also being listed in the CNA traveller List. experience the jungle of bandhavgarh from the machaan at tree house….

  5. How utterly beautiful!!!

  6. Hi! I lover your blog. There’s lots of eye candy here 🙂

    I, too, am wondering about that bird..what is it called?

  7. Tell me who are at competition here � the interiors or little wonders of nature!
    Love them both!

  8. Hi Bhavna,
    Thank you so much for the recommended reading list on your blog! I am putting together an Indian Summer reading collection… have ordered several of the books and just wish I could do it on this incredible Tree House Hideaway!!!!
    Hope you are beating the heat

  9. beautiful colors.

  10. Oh, I was wondering about the bird as well. Thanks for the link to the site. What a wonderful place. The photos are stunning!


  11. What is that marvelous bird?

  12. GORGEOUS photos, wow, I’m mesmerized by them!

    happy day,

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